Monday, December 26, 2011

The final speech...

This speech is dedicated to my fellow KMS-ians, batch 2009-2011, in a final memory of them.. =)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum my lovely and dear friends.

Honestly, I don't know whether I should really write this or not, because it been a very, very long time since I resign (one year ago? -.-) but I have been planning to write this since the end of college last June but it doesn't really work every time I tried to write. So I thought I must write this AT LEAST before this year end, or it will be really too irrelevant and late.

I am writing this not that because I can't accept the fact that the past is the past and I am no longer a president of SRC or tak sedar diri haha, it is because I felt that I just want to express myself for the last time to everyone of you as it has been a really wonderful thing working with you guys, really. =) And to say few more thing for the very last time.

Right now, I am already at the land of foreigner, United Kingdom. Me myself can't believe that it was just only 6 months ago we were in the college struggling for our IB and A-level examinations, and many things had happened in just 6 months. Some of us are in Australia, India, Republic Czech, Egypt, United Kingdom and some are still in Malaysia waiting for their flight to Australia or New Zealand next February. Not to forget to mention those who are now continuing their study in Malaysia now.

For those who got excellent result or passed their requirement for the exams, I expressed my compliments and congratulation to you guys, and for those who didn't, I know that you people had already overcome your grief in these past few months, but I believe He has better plan for each of us. In the end, the winners are not those who got excellent result, but they are who whatever result they got, it bring them closer to Him. =)

My dear friends,

I don't know how many time I has said this, but here I am saying again, being a president of Student Representative Council was really the last time I had in my mind when I decided to contest in the election week. But fate had decided that I should be holding the position at the college. If I am to think it back, it wasn't really a big thing, because I am just a leader of a small college in the middle of Seremban city, but I was taken by my words few years before that that I had informally promised to myself at the state of 'hating' a leadership who 'didn't do their work as a leader', that IF I BE AT THEIR POSITION, I will not do 'this and that'. So it turn out saying is much easier than done.

Without any experience of involving organisation works, my mind was blank and clueless. I don't know what I should be really doing, and I don't have any chance to refer to any past preference as I never even sit in a formal meeting. Here, I want to say my deep thanks to all the SRC companion for their never ending advises, ideas and supports, and making all our achievements possible. Fatin, Joe and Synur, Poje and Timi, Raja and Azie, Syahmi and Zureen, Fakri and Amal, Fiqri and Hasima, and our Chinese couple, Fong and Muna haha. In our early start, we had face few differences and misunderstanding but thank God we overcome them smoothly. My apologise for my lack of experience had somehow slow down the council at the beginning, and if I had scolded or 'overstrict' to all of you. I did that because I felt that if I failed to have a disciplined community, how can I expect the students to follow us by example?

I realised that as a leader, I should have a vision, or an objective that I want to bring my dear friends to for the time I taking charge of. After thinking deeply, I decided that I should do my best to lead them to know more about Islam. This because I believe, if everyone is to adhere to the beautiful Islam principles, they can be successful wherever they go. Or even if the Christians become more religious, in any way the religion should be a great 'tool' for them to lead a good life. In order for my friends to know more about Islam, I realise it not just about calling and stricken them to pray five time, wearing scurf or long pant, fasting etc. Instead, its about telling them WHY they should do them, which is for their own good. So it is about feeding them the KNOWLEDGE. This is why personally at the beginning, I doesn't really like our surau to just do 'Yasin reading' or 'solat sunat hajat'. I want to do more forums, talks etc. And this is the reason why in between Maghrib and Isya' when I see no one is doing anything, I will take the microphone, putting on 'loud' mode, and start reading Hadiths. Then later I got to do know it is 'Tabligh's' one of their everyday 'things to do'.

This personal resolution also made me realise that me myself need to get a lot more knowledge before I want to teach anyone about Islam. Indirectly, I started to read and look for books, and this time it just not for my own personal self or to score in exams, but to practice and teach them to others in life.

My beloved friends,

Other that those things, I know that I need to fulfilled the promises I, or we the SRC, had made during our election week. My personal achievement was that I had managed to ask the office to move the modem from in front of co-op to the middle of Wisma Pelajar. Of course, this action had received some objection from the girls from block Aisyah but I know putting it in front of co-op means that the public had difficulty to use it as there are only few seats available that can get the line, minus the Aisyah block. Then, I had asked kindly to the administration to increase the 'speed' of the modem as the IB students need to use it regularly for their works. I don't know wheter they really did it but at least I asked. haha. It was really easy to work with Abang Amir and of course, the then director, Pn Hasyimah in asking those things.

Few other issues we managed to engage to the administration were the laundry, Wispi and Surau. Synur had  worked to set up a 'Printer Room' but after meeting few difficulties, the plan was only half done, as she could not find anyone to take care of the room properly and she had to settle with her studies. We managed to grab some printer and old computer from library and been given one room in the Wispi. Poje had successfully set up a "Baitulmal Funding" and although I was late to know, I heard he had given the money to some of our friend at critical times. Fakri and Amal had never failed to think how to make our monthly assembly as fun, interesting and effective as they can. And lot more, I guess there are too many thing to say here if want to write each member of the council works.

Then, all praise to Him, we had together managed to organise few events successfully throughout our time in office. The UNIC nasyid fund-raising and Director Retirement Ceremony was two events that we can be proud of. Then Majlis Hari Raya was always one of the big thing we, the colleagues, look into and we were happy that we succeeded to make everyone pleased on that day.

Of course, as I said in my last speech as  a president, this successes are all thanks to everyone contribution in their part such as the IB's group  (err I forgot the groups name lol) and A-level Student Body . We would not manage to do them without everyone support. Personally, I was sad when I heard IB teachers had disband the IB groups as they had been very helpful, but I guess they know what is best for students.

My cherished ex-colleagues,

I guess I had wrote too much here. Before I end this, let me give few reminders that I think we ought to keep in mind. Friends, let each of us not to forget that we are the very few from billions of people in this world who are very lucky. We here been taught with the right knowledge of Islam, we get enough food and shelters, we have most of thing where about 90% of people in this world didn't have. We live in a peaceful and lovely country, we sleep soundly at night without any worries that someone might bomb our home, and we are free to a lot of things. The only worries we have in our mind is about how to score in exams. So don't let this easiness in our life blind ourselves from our very reason why we exist in this world. The only question I want to ask is, do we really want to leave this world without even leaving any legacy or deeds that can benefit the humankind despite our lucky life?

Down here are two videos I want to share with everyone, one is video of my girlfriend (erk hehee, oke just kidding) and another is Maher Zain's song which I found the lyrics are really deep. I hope everyone watch them and think. If someone who is slow, 'gelabah', careless, 'kaki bangku', hoarse voice and 'shy' like me manage to be where I am now, why not you? Let us not forget that one day Islam will be rise up as Prophet Muhammad promised in his Hadith, don't we want to contribute to it too, or just watch it happen?

The other important thing is that, let each of us be greed of knowledge. Find and attend any talks, forums and knowledge forum that you heard of, insyaAllah, He will give us hidayah.

My beloved and dear friends,

Again, I want to apologise for any mistakes and faults I had done throughout two years in the college. I don't know when we will meet again, as death is always around the corner. As even now, we have lost two friends and how do we know whether we will be next or not. Let just prepare ourselves to it as Prophet Muhammad said, "The smartest among us is the one who always remember death.".

I don't know how to translate this, but "Harap dihalalkan sume hutang, makan dan minum."
It been very pleasure working with and for you guys. Happy new years and take care. I love each one of you and wishes the best in life, insyaAllah.

Assalamualaikum~ =)

Maher Zain: Awaken

My dear brother and sister it's time to change inside
Open your eyes...Don't throw away what's right aside
Before the day comes when there's nowhere to run and hide
Now ask yourself...cause Allah's watching you 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Who is GOD? =)

ALLAH, He is the Creator of this world, He creates you, and me.

He is the One who arranged everything beautifully and systematically, that we, the creations, have to observe and learn how the systems works so we can apply to our everyday life.
He is the One, who gives us foods, and provide us shelters at nights, so we can sleep soundly.
He let we live everyday, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to hold things, feet to walk, mouth to communicate with others, and many more things we don't realise its not even ours, but all due to His grace and mercy.

People asked me how He looked.

HIS look is unimaginable, as He can't be the same as those that He created, because if He is, then He don't deserve to be a GOD, when it is a sign of weakness.
HE is not made of flesh, nor fire, water, air, sand, stone, glass, and everything in this world, because the world is creations, and He is the CREATOR.

IF every living things in this world, choose not to bow to Him, His POWER will not decrease even a little,
And if every living things in this world decided to worship Him alone and didn't associate Him with others, His POWER will not increase any higher,
Because we need Him, but He don't need us.

When this, shows that we should not even exist, since the probability of our existence is ZERO, but here we are reading these words I typed, do we really can think that we are created by CHANCE?

And you knows what is more interesting? If we are to calculate the possibility of death, by counting all possible ways of dying, we going to get 100% percentage of death, as the movies of Final Destinations show.

BUT here we are again, still breathing, and haven't die, who do you think is protecting us and giving us the chance to live?

Throughout history, He has been communicating to us, through His Prophets, to give us the guidance of how we should live, and why we been created. The words are soo powerful that even the manipulated and changed ones can control the sincere hearts.

Let us embark to the journey, of finding our real purpose of Life, knowing who He really is, differentiating which are His true words, and which are the changed ones. =)

Monday, November 14, 2011

E-books web.

Tengah takde keje nak buat (tipu), search "Sahih Bukhari" kat google, auto suggest 'Sahih Bukhari pdf" tetibe keluar laman web ni:

Usyar2 best lak, berlambak e-books free bole download. So sesape yang bosan, bole lak rajin2 bace buku kat situ. English kot, bole improve BI sekali (untuk orang2 macam aku). 

haha. enjoy~ =)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

every time I felt too proud of myself...

Here's the trick:

1. Open Google map.
2. Choose the satellite view, or better, 3D.
3. Zoom out until you see the whole world.
4. Untick all the labels, names, and vids.
5. Find yourself.

If you can't, why so proud of ourselves for all the big things we got?

All our achievements, knowledge, richness, ranks, abilities, greatness are nothing. They are only worthy when they benefits others and not just our own selves.

Source : Wiki
So, did you found yourself?  =)

p/s: Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diriku Seorang Pengembara

Aku berjalan, di atas bumi ini, mencari seribu satu makna erti kehidupan, memerhati pergerakan manusia, di setiap perbuatan dan percakapan, berfikir kenapa dan bagaimana setiap dari kita memilih untuk bertindak seperti itu, dan keliru yang manakah perlu aku ikuti.

Aku melihat sekumpulan manusia, yang meraba-raba di dalam setiap saat bernafas, bercakap tentang cinta, sabahat dan hiburan, kerana ingin cuba melupakan suram luka di dalam diri, mencari erti kegembiraan yang abadi, dalam diri.

Aku melihat sekelompok ilmuan, yang berkumpul di bawah satu kumpulan, gigih memperjuangkan agenda orang lama, dengan begitu yakin dengan cara mereka, tertipu dengan bilangan yang sekepala disekiling, tidakkah mereka pernah terfikir untuk meneroka pemikiran orang yang berbeza?

Aku melihat mereka di hujung sana, jauh dari tempat diriku merangkak dan menangis, melalui perkataan dan tulisan, kaca tevisyen dan komputer, malahan dari kaca mataku ini sendiri, mereka membesar tanpa pernah merasa keamanan, sangsi sama ada keadilan itu wujud, dan apakah kasih sayang masih relevan di dunia hari ini, sehingga kadang-kala aku tertanya, adakah mereka masih berharap dengan cahaya, sedang mereka terlalu lama hidup di dalam gelap gelita.

Sedang aku menoleh ke hujung yang lain, kadang-kala jauh dari tempat aku berkejaran, ataupun yang berhampiran dengannya, terdapat sekumpulan manusia yang mengeluh di setiap masa, bukanlah kerana tidak mempunyai tempat tidur yang selesa, atau bukan kerana kerana perut kekosongan, tapi kerana bingung kekeliruan, 'kebosanan' katanya, kerana tiada lagi hiburan yang memuaskan hati. Ah, aku juga pernah begitu, ketika aku terpesona dengan fata morgana.

Aku hanyalah seorang perantau, yang sentiasa berharap supaya dapat tiba di destinasi yang sebenar, berharap kepada-Nya pada setiap masa, supaya tidak terpesong dari jalan yang lurus, hingga tersesat ke tempat yang salah, sedang ketika itu diriku sudah terlambat untuk berpatah kembali.

Dan di dalam perjalanan ini, aku berjumpa dengan pengembara yang lain, sering kali menjadi peneman di setiap perhentian, dan mereka yang berada di sisi bertukar ganti, ketika setiap dari kami memilih jalan yang berbeza, walaupun hakikatnya destinasi kami sama, namun dalam hati ini, aku sangat berharap supaya dapat berjumpa mereka semula, di destinasi akhir tersebut.

Dan kerana itulah, perjuangan menghidupkan kembali cahaya, memjadi makna permusafiran ini, mengambil Al-Quran dan Sunnah sebagai 'minyak'nya, dan cuba mengajak pengembara lain supaya menjadi pembakar cahaya juga, kerana diriku tidak mampu menyalakannya keseorangan, supaya setiap dari kita dapat bertemu semula, di hujung pengembaraan ini, di kebahagiaan yang kekal abadi....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Atas kehendak-Nya.

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasih.

Assalamualaikum. Hi!
Err tak tau nak tulis ape nih. Blog nih agak terbiar selame sebulan lebih, segan gak ah -.-'. Well last month was hectic. Aku dapat tau result rayuan ke UK first senin lepas cuti raya bulan lepas, then straigth after that I need to do a lot of things. Visa application, medical check, cop stem hasil, sain penjamin, sahkan sijil2, carik rumah kat sini etc etc. Then on the morning of 20 September, my friends and I are already on our plane to Britain. Had to go and back from JB-KL for 3 times to finish all the forms need to be hand in to MARA. So there goes the reason of my absentees in this blog last month. (ofcoz, tak termasuk takde idea nak tulis ape ketika masa lapang antara process lol)

Anyway, all praise to Allah for his reward to allow me to further my studies here in University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. To be honest, in the last two years, I did not dare to dream to much of going here. Back then I thought to myself, "Ko da nak dapat pergi Australia tu pon bersyukur je laa.". Even after all the process of applying to the universities here and MARA, all I did was just to leave everything to Him and just prayed that He gives me the best. But hey, Alhamdulillah, segala proses dipermudahkan sepanjang bulan lepas. =)

So here I am, at my home of 126 William Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2BZ, UK. 

Jadi insyaAllah lepas nih ak akan sambung balik post2 kat blog nih... semoga diriku tak terlampau jauh dari-Nya setelah diberi rezeki ini, atau termasuk di jalan orang-orang yang sesat, Nauzubillah.

Ini permulaan untuk perjalanan yang jauh, doakan kami sentiasa.

Peace ~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kerana agama, atau kuasa?

sumber gmbar.

Ketika di zaman negara kita sedang menuntut kemerdekaan, ketika itu orang Melayu kebanyakan mereka tinggal di kampung2 dan pinggir kota. Mereka tidak dapat pendidikan asas dan pendidikan mereka yang terdedah hanyalah pelajaran agama dari 'ustaz'2 yang berceramah di masjid. Namun, terdapat juga orang Melayu berasal dari keluarga elit dan diraja yang mendapat pendidikan Inggeris di bandar. Mereka inilah yang telah menggunakan kesedaran ilmu dalam diri mereka untuk menuntut kemerdekaan.

Ditakdirkan Allah, mereka berjaya menuntut kemerdekaan tersebut dan menjadi pemimpin awal di negara ini. Namun, mereka yang berpendidikan Inggeris ini kurang ilmu agamanya, malahan terdedah dengan propaganda2 memburukkan agama Islam di negara barat tempat mereka menuntut ilmu. Sebaliknya, terdapat satu lagi golongan Melayu yang terdedah dengan ilmu agama dari sekolah-sekolah pondok dari Acheh, selatan Thailand etc yang juga mengambil peluang kemerdekaan itu untuk berjuang 'menegakkan undang2 Islam'.

Kehadiran mereka tersebut secara tak langsung menyebabnkan pemimpin yang ada rasa tergugat apabila terdapat satu kumpulan yang berjuang atas nama 'Islam'. Sedangkan pada pendapat ak, disinilah kesilapan awal yang berlaku bila mereka memperjuangkan untuk mendapatkan 'pangkat' & 'kuasa' atas panggilan 'jihad utk menegakkan hukum Allah', sebelum smpai dakwah tentang Islam yang sebenar kepada pemimpin2 negara ini.

Secara x sengaja, mereka telah mem'provoke' pemimpin yang kurang agamanya itu menyebabkan mereka berasa 'fobia' dengan perkataan Islam & melakukan pelbagai cara supaya "islam yang ditakuti" itu tak menyular, walaupun pada hakikat dalam diri mereka, mereka tau bahawa agama Islam itu penting.

Di sini, ramai yang x tau bagaimana 'situasinya' duduk di atas sana. Mereka hanya pandai berkata, memberi cadangan, mengatakan die perlu buat begini, begitu.

Suka untuk ak katakan, bukan mudah untuk menjadi pemimpin. Sebab itu tak salah kalau dikatakan,
"Siapa yang x pernah menjadi pemimpin, x layak untuk mengkritik pemimpin."

Menjadi ketua;
Ketika kita melakukan dan menganjurkan pelbagai perkara yang baik, pemimpin JARANG SEKALI akan dihargai kebaikkannya itu, sedangkan selesai melakukan benda tersebut, die tak akan dapat sedikit untung pon melainkan utk orang bawahannya. Malahan dikatakan kepadanye, "Da itu memang kerja ko." Kerana itu sering orang ckap ketika di MRSM2, "BWP (badan wakil pelajar)?? ouh jadik kuli budak." Kerana itu memang hakikatnye. Tapi kite terlupa, kalau tanpa ketua, sesuatu yang besar tak akan dapat dilakukan kerana masing2 melakukan perkara sendiri. Malah pentingnya ketua ini, sehingga Baginda menyuruh kita memilih seorang ketua jika kite mengembara jauh lebih dari dari 3 orang.

Tapi bile seorang ketua melakukan kesilapan, semua orang akan mula menuding jari menyalahkan die x melakukan kerja dengan betul, gagal, x bole harap, dikutuk, di caci dan macam2 lagi. Ini lah hakikat menjadi ketua.

Malahan, 'godaan' berada di atas itu bukan semudah yang kita sangkakan. Ketika usaha kita tak dihargai, seorang Muslim yang betul akan sedar, die buat bukan utk mendpat pujian orang lain tp kerana Allah semata-mata. Tapi utk memujuk hati dengan berkata ini bukan mudah untuk mereka yang lemah imannya. Sering kali perasaan bangga diri, riak, takbur, peluang untuk salah guna kuasa utk kpentingan diri mengetuk pintu kehidupan seorang ketua. Jadi x hairanlah pemimpin yang x lengkap ajaran agamanya melakukan kesalahan tersebut.

Tapi masih ramai x sedar, betapa negara kita bertuah dikurniakan-Nya pemimpin yang betul2 ikhlas niatnya hendak membangunkan negara ini di sebalik kesilapan2 yang mereka lakukan. Ak x paham kenapa mereka yang pergi ke negara Mesir tak nampak perbezaan 'diktator Mahathir' dengan Hosni Mubarak di Mesir, Gadaffi di Libya, khmer rouge di kemboja dan banyak lagi. Mubarak nampak dengan jelas langsung mengabaikan negaranya ketika ak pergi ke sana, rakyatnye hidup dalam keadaan miskin sedang die hidup mewah, ramai x bersyukur dengan perubahan yang berbeza di negara kita ini berbanding zaman 70-an, 80-an dan 90-an. Malahan banyak lagi negara2 lain yang pemimpin x pena kisah nak membangunkan negara mereka sehingga x banyak berbeza hari ni seperti Indonesia, Kemboja, Mesir, negara2 di Asia Tengah etc etc. Tetapi negara kita pada hari ini, ramai berpusus-pusu datang ke sini hendak mencari rezki yang ada di tanah istimewa nih.

Suke untuk ak beritahu, ak dibesarkan di dlam keluarga pembangkang, di mana ibu bapa ak selalu membeli surat khabar harakah dan bercerita tentang kezaliman 'pemimpin'. Di dalam harakah, penuh dengan berita keburukan & kezaliman yang dilakukan kerajaan. Curious, ak mula menyiasat sendiri apakah betul apa yang dikatakan. Malahan, ak berasa pelik, kalau betul die ni benar2 zalim, kenapa ade orang masih menyokong die? Jadi apabila ak membaca buku 'Dilemma Melayu' yang ditulis oleh tun dr itu dulu, baru ak dapat faham dengan jelas sebab utama yang sangat kritikal kenapa "Hak2 Melayu" diwujudkan. Yang akhirnye, tujuannya adalah untuk mengurangkan gap kekayaan yang sangat besar antara kaum yang seumpama bom yang boleh meletup bila-bila masa jika gap itu tak dikecikkan tanpa melakukan usaha yang sepatutnya.

Tapi pelik, hari ini ramai orang Melayu yang berjaya kerana adanya quota tersebut menjerit meminta 'kesamarataan' tanpa tau asal usul perkara tersebut. Jadi ak cadangkan, jika kamu rasa 'hak melayu' itu tidak Islamik, seperti yang ak sangkakan dulu, cuba baca buku yang ditulis Tun Dr seblum die menjadi pm itu dulu, dan kalau nak lagi best, artikel2 Ridhuan Tee, baru kite buka mata dan tau siapa yang racist sebenarnya.

Berbalik kepada topik asal kita, ak percaya untuk mengembangkan Islam, bukan dengan cara mendapatkan kuasa pemerintahan, kerana cara ini akan mem'provoke' pihak berkuasa dan akhirnya berlaku 'pertempuran' dan 'pergaduhan' yang x perlu, yang akhirnye merugikan umat Islam sendiri di negara ini. Kerana apa yang ak lihat, 'peperangan' itu akhirnya bukan berlaku antara orang Islam dan bukan Islam, tapi antara orang Islam yang terlampau hendak menegakkan hukum Allah, dan orang Islam yang lemah akidah dan kurang ilmu agamanya.

Jika kita imbas kembali sirah Rasulullah S.A.W, baginda menolak pangkat yang diofferkan oleh musyrikin mekah ketika di zaman awal pemerintahan. Yes, memang perkara itu atas syarat berhenti dakwah, tp secara hakikatnya, apabila seseorang menjadi ketua, die bole saja men'twist' syarat itu secara perlahan utk kepentingan agama, atau menggunakan cara halus atas pangkat yang die ada.
Tapi tak, baginda menolak pangkat itu dan memilih untuk terus memanggil orang ramai kembali kepada hakikat hamba Allah yang sebenar tanpa mengejar pangkat atau kekuasaan. Di Madinah, baginda diangkat menjadi ketua SETELAH terdapat ramai yang benar2 faham Islam dan mengaku baginda sebagai ketua.

Tetapi, organisasi yang diwujudkan itu pun hanya UNTUK MELICINKAN KERJA DAKWAH, BUKAN MENDAPATKAN KEKUASAAN DI MEKAH. Jadi disitulah Islam terus berkembang, atas kerja dakwah.
Tapi hari ini, ak melihar ramai yang terlalu gopoh mengejar pangkat sebelum dakwah selesai. Malahan, semakin ditindas, semakin mereka membalas kekasaran itu dengan kekasaran. Itukan yang diajar baginda? Mengumpat, memberi gelaran, menanam perasaan benci ke dalam hati pengikut kepada seseorang atau sesuatu kumpulan.

Adakah mereka terlupa semasa zaman awal dakwah baginda, ketika para sahabat dihina, ditindas, dizalimi, dipulau, diancam bunuh, X PERNAH LANGSUNG baginda kata, SIAP SEDIA UNTUK BALAS. Seperti bilal yang dihempap dengan batu. Sebaliknya, baginda terus kata, "Sabar".
Sehingga bila ada seorang sahabat yang tak tahan dengan pelbagai seksaan tersebut, berjumpa dengan baginda dan berkata, "Apakah dirimu x bole mendoakan agar bantuan smpai untuk kita?". Baginda membalas dengan berkata yang lebih kurang, "Apakah kamu tidak bole bersabar? Sesungguhnya sebelum2 kamu ada orang yang dipenggal badannya kerana mempertahankan akidah."

Islam telah bangkit apabila baginda & para sahabat yang awal terus sabar ditindas tanpa membalas kekasaran, meneruskan kerja memanggil manusia ke akidah yang sebenar, mewujudkan sebuah biah solehah yang menjadi contoh kepada orang lain sehingga manusia datang sendiri kerana tertarik dengan kecantikan Islam itu. Bukannya pada perasaan benci yang seperti mana ak sering lihat di ceramah parti politik meniupkan api2 kebencian dan kemarahan kedalam hati pengikutnya.

Jadi ak menyeru kepada umat Islam, berhentilah saling membenci dan bergaduh sesama sendiri. Ak bukanlah penyokong fanatik mana2 pihak, hanya seorang pelajar yang tiada apa2 kepentingan, hanya mencari jawapan kepada masalah umat ku di negara ini.

Jawapannya bukan di kepada mengejarkan pangkat dan kuasa sehingga menyebabkan umat Islam berpecah, tetapi di jalan mengajar manusia dan terus mengajar kepada orang lain apakah itu Islam yang sebenar. Kerana ak tau, masih ramai lagi orang Islam di negara ini yang tak kenal apakah Islam yang sebenar.

Ketika ak membuat penyimpulan begini, bukanlah ak menkonklusi mengikut hukum akal fikiran atau emosi. Malahan perkara ini juga yang dilakukan oleh as-syahid Hassan Al-Banna, yang perjuangan dakwahnya yang sebenar tanpa mengejar pangkat atau kekuasaan politik berjaya membuahkan sebuah organisasi Ikhwanul Muslimin yang disegani ramai pada hari ini.

Jika hari ini kita melihat masalah2 umat terus berlaku, sebelum kita tuding jari menuduh orang lain bertanggungjawab, tepuk dada tanya iman, pernahkan kita menegur & mengajar saudara-mara dan sahabat kite tentang Islam? atau kite memilih utk membenci mereka atas kesilapan yang dilakukan mereka kerana kejahilan mereka?

Pernahkah kita melakukan sesuatu seperti baginda yang menyuapkan makanan ke dalam mulut seorang perempuan Yahudi buta tua, di mana di kala baginda menyuapkan makanan itu, wanita itu sedang menghina, mencaci, memaki orang yang memberi die suapan?

Terakhir sekali, janganlah terlampau mengikut emosi dihadapan kezaliman pemerintah, kerana ak pecaya dengan kebenaran yang hakiki dalam hadis baginda, "Daripada Ummu Salamah r.ha Isteri Rasulullah s.a.w bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: “Akan ada nanti para pemerintah yang mana ada tindakan mereka kamu setujui dan ada yang kamu ingkari, maka barangsiapa yang dapat mengenal pasti (antara yang baik dan buruk perbuatan mereka) maka dia akan terlepas (dari maksiat), barangsiapa yang mengingkarinya akan selamat, tetapi mereka yang reda dan mengikut (maka dia binasa)”. Kata Sahabat: Apakah tidak wajar kami memerangi mereka? Jawab baginda s.a.w: “Tidak boleh, selama mereka mendirikan solat”. [Muslim, Abu Daud, & al-Tarmi." kerana dalam mengikut hadis ini, ia perlu jalan seiring dengan kewajipan berdakwah antara kita.

Jika dirimu x pernah mengajak kepada kebenaran & mencegah kemungkaran, malahan masih melakukan kezaliman kepada-Nya dan diri sendiri tanpa rasa bersalah, tak perlulah nak berimpian hendak mengalahkan kezaliman orang lain.

Sekian, assalamualaikum~ =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

They said, I say...


A Skeptic said "What if you are wrong?"
I said "What if I am right?"

An Atheist said, "How is there a Creator?"
I said "How is there a Creation?"

A Christian said "Love God and worship Jesus."
I said "Love Jesus and worship God."

A Jew said "God will be true to his covenant with us."
I said "But have you been true to your covenant with God?"

A Buddhist said "The purpose of life is to discover Enlightenment."
I said "Enlightenment means to discover the purpose of life."

A Polytheist said,"I worship many gods that hear and intercede with me the almighty God."
I said, "I worship one God that's almighty enough to hear me without intercessor."

A Secularist said, "Wars and killing for religious reasons are bad."
I said, "Wars and killing for materialistic reasons are evil."

An Evolutionist said, "The universe created life by itself, without needing God."
I said, "Did the universe create itself without needing God?"

A Democrat said, "The majority must rule."
I said, "But what will rule the majority?"

A Nationalist said, "The Nation comes first, before God."
I said, "God was first, before the Nation."

A Conservative (Republican) said, "Why don't Muslims assimilate into our culture?"
I said, "Because your culture demands assimilation."

A Patriot said, "I support my country, right or wrong."
I said, "A country has no right to be supported in wrong."

A Liberal said, "What vanity prevents you from adopting Liberal values?"
I said, "What Liberal value isn't based on vanity?"

A Zionist said, "A Palestinians impose their demands for justice onto others."
I said, "Zionists impose their religious demands into Palestine."

A Neo-Conservative said, "I believe we are the superior Civilisation."
I said, "That's what makes you an inferior Civilisation."

An American politician said, "We resist against those who use terrorism and violence."
I said, "You use violence to terrorise those who resist."

A French Politician said, "We have banned wearing the Niqab to free women."
I said, "You have banned women's freedom to wear the Niqab."

An Islamphobe said, "I hate Islam, and fear for my safety from Muslims."
I said, "I fear for the safety of Muslims, from those who hate Islam."

A Pacifist, "The just way is to be peaceful."
I said, "To be peaceful to the unjust, is injustice to the peaceful."

A Pragmatist said, "Always choose the lesser of two evils."
I said, "Then your choice will always be evil."

An Ascetic said, "Leave worldly affairs, and seek God."
I said, "Seek God in your worldly affair."

A Conspiracy Theorist said, "I believe that 'They' control the World."
I said, "That belief control your world."

A 'Moderate Muslim" said, "Ideally, you should embrace compromise."
I said, "You should embrace an uncompromisable Ideal."


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Islamic Couple Golden Rule.

Islam didn't deny the beautiful feeling between you and her. It only created a boundary so that the girl's pride will be kept secure and the guy will not be tricked by his desire.
Islam just shows the right and safe path, for you and her, whether to follow it or not.

Watch this video:

Actually, when I listen to his story till end, I realise in his experience, there are some similar things which is same as in other 'ustaz's love stories I heard before I would like to point, and I concluded they are the 'Islamic couple Golden Rules' :

1. Go and meet her/his parents first.
2. Whenever you want to have a date before marriage, you MUST BE accompanied by her/his parents/guardian (like in the video above, 1 metre range haha)
3. For guys, DONT delay your marriage with unreasonable reasons when you already coupled. Make it your 1st priority, ASAP as you have the money etc. (yes, you need to forget about 'enjoy life first', but wait, isn't marriage is more enjoyable?)

See, then you can still get the girl you love as simple as that, and more, with His blessings. =)

(sebenarnye, bagi ak ramai pemuda-pemudi hari ini terjebak dengan gejala cinta sosial camni sebab mereka terlampau banyak masa kosong.... err camne nak ckap. sebenarnye bile kite ade 'perjuangan' di dlam pikiran, insyaAllah bile perasaan tuh dtang, kite ade bende lg penting nak pikir. Paham? haha =D )

His signs are everywhere.

Look at an 1 month little baby, he is so small that it is amazing to think one day he gonna grow 100x bigger than that. And that all of us to stop growing when we reach 15-20 years old is just another amazing thing we should ponder upon.

Isn't our development is so beautifully arranged? Do you really want to think that the baby grows by itself and it choose to stop growing 18 years old?
The magnificent pattern of our growth just shows that there is 'someone' did it instead of being 'coincidence'.

That someone, is Him.

Alhamdulillah, thank God for keeping me healthy and given me a strong body. =)

p/s: terpromote gmbar anak sedare lak. lol
p/s/s: memandangkan blog bagaikan kosong, ak ambik keputusan untuk post status2 kat fb kat sini selagi xde idea -.-
p/s/s/s: walaupun da 7 hari berpuasa, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Perjuangan mereka itu....

Mereka bercakap tentang menentang kezaliman, penindasan, seolah-olah itulah jihad yg sebenar, yg mrk ialah 'pejuang Allah', tp lawak bile antara mrk, kezaliman dlm diri x pernah pula dilawan, solat jemaah 5x kali sehari x pernah penuh, mengajak manusia ke diri-Nya jarang sekali, mencarut & memaki org laen perkara biase, apekah mungkin kezaliman org lain dapat dilawan?

Pihak di sana zalim, menindas dan mempermainkan rakyat. Dalam sistem SPR, kumpulan BERSIH berjaya membuktikan 1001 jenis penipuan yang dilakukan diorang. Pengundi hantu, undi post tentera yang berlebihan, pengundi sama yang berdaftar dengan 3 kad pengenalan berbeza, perpindahan pengundi dari satu kawasan ke kawasan yang lain supaya memberi kelebihan kepada satu parti, menggunakan PETA untuk mengundi, dan banyak lagi. Supaya itu berjaya dibuktikan dalam satu video dokumentari khas yang dibuat oleh BERSIH dan diletak dalam YouTube. Aku da lihat video tuh dan bukti2 yang diberi memang x dapat nak disangkal.

Tak dinafikan, niat mereka memang murni, tapi malang 1001 malang, cara langsung jauh dari sunnah baginda. Sedih ak lihat manusia ditipu kerana kejahilan ilmu dalam dada. Sebahagian manusia melihat, "Isk nih x betul nih! So ak kene sokong group yang satu lagi." Apa yang mereka cuba lakukan, "melawan kezaliman", sebenarnye bende nih telah dilakukan oleh baginda Rasulullah saw dari 1400 tahun dulu lagi, kenape umat Islam tak mengambil pengajran dari cara baginda???

Mereka cuba melawan kebatilan dengan kebatilan. Mereka menjerit, "Kami ada hak untuk berkumpul secara aman & menyerahkan memorandum kepada Yang dipertua Agong!!". Jauh dalam sudut hati ak nak bertanya, kenape x hantar saje wakil?? Kenape perlu dengan cara mem'provoke' pihak yang zalim sehingga menyeret sekali beribu-ribu orang lain ke dalam kesusahan???

Oleh kerana mereka mengancam utk berkumpul atas nama 'keadilan', pihak yang zalim menggunakan segala kuasa yang dia ada utk melawan kumpulan tersebut.
Akhirnye, beribu-ribu polis ditarik cuti mereka, orang ramai tersekat dalam jem2 selame 2 minggu (1 mnggu lebih), ada pelajar dikurung dalam universiti walaupun mereka tak terlibat, program2 dibatalkan dan banyak lagi bende yang menyusahkan. Akhirnya, ade seorang pakcik tua meninggal. Ya Allah!

Salahkan polis?? Ko cube letak diri ko kat tempat polis. Die diberi arahan supaya cuti seminggu ditarik, kene overtime 24 hours, bermalam kat tepi jalan raya setiap malam utk buat road block, dikerah sane sini carik orang yang pakai baju kuning. Kau ingat dorang suke sangat bak buat bende2 camtu?? Akhir sekali, diberi arahan untuk menyuraikan sekumpulan orang, yang ak rase time tuh, masing2 da stress dan saket hati. Kau fikir die bole cakap "x nak"?? Sia2 dihukum lawan perintah, dibuang kerja, xde lak nak buat fund "untuk anak bini polis2 yang x ikut arahan demi keadilan"???!

Then, takkan nak biarkan saje??
Tak bukan biarkan, tapi ikut care nabi. Ape cara Nabi??
Baginda berdakwah.

Baginda mengajak manusia, seorang demi seorang, kembali kepada ALLAH, pemilik setiap jiwa dan badan kat atas dunie nih. Sedar bahawa diri adalah hamba-Nya yang tak mempunayi ape2, yang dunia ini sementara, yang syurga dan neraka laah tempat yang kita akan KEKAL ABADI. Yang kita sume adalah hamba yang hina, xde ape nak dikejar dunie ini.

Dan dalam berdakwah inilah, kita akhirnya akan melawan kezaliman dalam diri kita dahulu, baru kite bole mengalahkan kezaliman orang lain. Seperti mane kite hendak mengajak manusia solat 5x sehari berjemaah, kite mestilah kene solat jemaah 5x dahulu sehari. Ini tak, solat subuh pon tah kemane, dalam diri penuh dengan kezaliman kepada Allah, mencarut, menipu, mengumpat seperti bende biase, tapi pasang impian hendak melawan kezaliman orang lain. LAWAK.

Wahai umat Islam, bangkitlah. Sedarlah diri. Gune ah kaedah yang baginda da ajar berzaman. Agak2 kalau ahli2 SPR itu sume beriman, takut kepada Allah dari pihak atasan ke bawah, dorang berani ke nak makan rasuah?? Tapi macam mane nak berubah, selame ini yang mengingatkan dorang kepada Allah sikit saje bilangannya, environment langsung melalaikan. Aku rasepon kalau dorang lihat certain manusia yang pergi berarak dalam perhimpunan tuh, makin jauh dari Allah ade ah.

Aku nak cabar, sape yang selame ini men-jerit2 menyokong kumpulan yang 'hendak melawan kezaliman' itu; terjun ke dalam bidang dakwah. Lihat bagaimana perjuangan dan cara sebenar yang diajar oleh baginda.
Adekah mereka sanggup kalau hati dorang betul2 ikhlas. Atau mereka pon hanya sekadar mencari ganjarn kat atas dunie nih, pujian dan glamour?? Cube lawan kezaliman dalam diri, ajak manusia ke jalan-Nya, tambah ilmu yang sebenar dalam dada supaya dapat membezakan ape yang hak, dan ape yang batil.

Ape korang ingat musuh2 Islam memecah belahkan umat Islam, mencuba sedaye upaya supaya manusia jauh dari agama adalah saje2???
Mestilah tidak.

Kerana bile ade sekumpulan besar manusia yang benar2 patuh kepada-Nya, ketika itu keadilan akan naik & kezaliman dapat dilawan, segala jenis kebatilan dan penindasan kat atas dunie ini dapat dikalahkan, seperti yang berlaku 1400 tahun lepas, sume dengan izin-Nya.

"Ketika kecil, kita hendak mengubah dunia. Ketika remaja, kite cube mengubah bangsa. Apabila dewasa, kita sibuk mengubah keluarga. Bila kita tua, baru kita sedar, kite terlupa hendak mengubah diri sendiri."

Islam mengajar untuk mengubah diri sendiri, dengan mengajak manusia berubah.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ape yang dikejar?

Nampak pompan cantik menarik hati, tak perlu nak dikejar sangat. Kalau betul die jodoh ko, 3-4 tahun nanti da readi nak kahwin, jumper gak. Kalau memang bukan jodoh, da jimat dari membazir berjam-jam masa, beratus duit dan tenaga 'berkasih-sayang" dengan sorang yang bukan milik ko, bek guner semue itu buat bende len yang lagi bermanfaat.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Penghuni Syurga dan Neraka

Rasulullah saw bersabda, "Penghuni syurga itu ada 3 jenis;
Pertama, orang yang memiliki kekuasaan, berbuat adil dan diberi taufik untuk bertindak mengikut hukum.
Kedua, orang yang pengasih dan lembut hatinya terhadap setiap ahli keluarga dan orang Muslim.
Ketiga, orang yang menjaga kehormatan diri, menghindari perkara yang keji, tidak mengeluh kerana kekurangan dan tidak meminta-minta.

Sedangkan penghuni neraka ade lima jenis. Orang lemah yang tidak mempunyai pemikiran, yang hanya menjadi pengikut di tengah kalian, tidak mencari nafkah dan tidak pula harta. Pengkhianat yang menampakkan ketamakan, yang berkhianat dalam urusan yang kecil sekali pun. Orang yang setiap saat, pagi dan petang menipumu mengenai keluarga dan hartamu, beliau juga menyebutkan kebakhilan dan kedustaan. Orang yang suka memaki-maki, dan orang yang berbuat keburukan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Muslim.

A Muslim, is one who do enjoy the beauty of the world, but not that he is scared to lose them. He is one who is not afraid of dead, for he knows this world is fake, but not that he looked for it. He is who sought for greatness in this world, not for himself, but to buy a way to the great paradise.

When he do good deeds, he do not really care whether the one he helped will appreciate it or not, or worse, throw a stone to him after that, because its not the creature's pleasure he wanted, but Allah's. And when he do foul to others, it not the man's revenge that he is scared of, but His wrath will make him shiver.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little thought...

Being a da'ie never make one any 'holier' than other. I am just an ordinary guy like others who is doing what He and prophet Muhammad had asked me to do, and calling others to do it too, to spread the peace and truth message with it. You might think I am religious, but my friends know me well that I am not that pious. And so what of being religious if it about being proud with the love toward Allah and prophet Muhammad pbuh. This is the way actually every Muslim should do, calling others to remember and love Him, the one and ONLY Creator.

A glimpse of the other world.

Finally, got something to post quickly without the need to think thoroughly. haha
Well, honestly, when I want to write a post, it took me quite a lot of time, since I had to translate 'malays words' in my mind into english of the best words. Sometimes, I used up to 10 minutes just to find a right word. -.- And with the time-constraint due to the big exam coming, seems I just cant write anything much.

Anyway enough comment, I want to share with everyone a long hadis I found in the Riadhus Salihin book (the book of hadiths compiled by Al-Imam Abu Zakariya Yahya bin Sharaf or famously known as Imam Al-Nawawi). I copied the hadis down there from a website I just discovered few days ago which contain the book in English.

Its an interesting story about a journey Prophet Muhammad had. Enjoy~

Sumurah bin Jundub (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) very often used to ask his Companions, "Do any one of you has seen a dream?'' So dreams would be narrated to him by those whom Allah willed to relate.

One day he (PBUH) said, "Last night I had a vision in which two men (angels) came to me and woke me up and said to me, `Proceed!' I set out with them and we came across a man lying down, and behold, another man was standing over his head, holding a big rock. Behold, he was throwing the rock at the man's head, smashing it. When he struck him, the stone rolled away and he went after it to get it, and no sooner had he returned to this man, his head was healed and restored to its former condition. The thrower (of the rock) then did the same as he had done before. I said to my two companions, `Subhan-Allah! Who are these?' They said: `Proceed, proceed.'

So we proceeded and came to a man lying in a prone position and another man standing over his head with an iron hook, and behold, he would put the hook in one side of the man's mouth and tear off that side of his face to the back (of the neck), and similarly tear his nose from front to back, and his eyes from front to back. Then he turned to the other side of the man's face and did just as he has done with the first side. He had hardly completed that (second) side when the first returned to its normal state. I said to my two companions, `Subhan-Allah! Who are these?' They said, `Proceed, proceed.'

So we proceeded and came across something like a Tannur (a kind of baking oven, a pit usually clay-lined for baking bread).'' I (the narrator) think the Prophet (PBUH) said, "In that oven there was much noise and voices.'' The Prophet (PBUH) added, "We looked into it and found naked men and women, and behold, a flame of fire was reaching to them from underneath, and when it reached them they cried loudly. I asked, `Who are these?' They said to me, `Proceed, proceed.'

And so we proceeded and came across a river.'' I (the narrator) think he said, "-- red like blood.'' The Prophet (PBUH) added, "And behold, in the river there was a man swimming, and on the bank there was a man who had collected many stones. Behold, while the other man was swimming, he went near him. The former opened his mouth and the latter (on the bank) threw a stone into his mouth whereupon he went swimming again. Then again he (the former) returned to him (the latter), and every time the former returned, he opened his mouth, and the latter threw a stone into his mouth, (and so on) the performance was repeated. I asked my two companions, `Who are these?' They replied, `Proceed, proceed.'

And we proceeded till we came to a man with a repulsive appearance, the most repulsive appearance you ever saw a man having! Beside him there was a fire, and he was kindling it and running around it. I asked my two companions, `Who is this (man).' They said to me, `Proceed, proceed!' So we proceeded till we reached a garden of deep green dense vegetation, having all sorts of spring colours. In the midst of the garden there was a very tall man, and I could hardly see his head because of his great height, and around him there were children in such a large number as I have never seen! I said to my two companions, `Who is this?' They replied, `Proceed, proceed.'

So we proceeded till we came to a majestic, huge garden, greater and better than any garden I have ever seen! My two companions said to me, `Ascend up' and I ascended up.'' The Prophet (PBUH) added, "So we ascended till we reached a city built of gold and silver bricks, and we went to its gate and asked (the gatekeeper) to open the gate, and it was opened; and we entered the city and found in it men with one side of their bodies as handsome as the most handsome person you have ever seen, and the other side as ugly as the ugliest person you have ever seen! My two companions ordered those men to throw themselves into the river. Behold, there was a river flowing across (the city), and its water was like milk in whiteness. Those men went and threw themselves in it and then returned to us after the ugliness (of their bodies) had disappeared, and they came in the best shape.''

The Prophet (PBUH) further added, "My two companions said to me: `This place is the `Adn Jannah, and that is your place.' I raised up my sight, and behold, there I saw a palace like a white cloud! My two companions said to me, `That palace is your place,' I said to them, `May Allah bless you both! Let me enter it.' They replied, `As for now, you will not enter it, but you shall enter it (one day).' I said to them, `I have seen many wonders tonight. What does all that mean which I have seen?'

They replied, `We will inform you: As for the first man you came upon, whose head was being smashed with the rock, he is the symbol of the one who studies the Qur'an and then neither recites it nor acts on its orders, and sleeps, neglecting the enjoined prayers. As for the man you came upon, whose sides of mouth, nostrils and eyes were torn off from front to back, he is the symbol of the man who goes out of his house in the morning and tells lies that are spread all over the world. And those naked men and women whom you saw in a construction resembling an oven, they are the adulterers and the adulteresses. And the man who was given a stone to swallow is the eater of Ar-Riba (usury), and the bad-looking man whom you saw near the fire, kindling it and going around it, is Malik, the gatekeeper of Hell, and the tall man you saw in the garden is (Prophet) Abraham, and the children around him are those who died upon Al-Fitrah (the Islamic Faith of Monotheism).'''

The narrator added: Some Muslims asked the Prophet (PBUH) , "O Messenger of Allah! What about the children of Al-Mushrikun (i.e., polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH))?'' The Prophet (PBUH) replied, "And also the children of Al-Mushrikun.'' The Prophet (PBUH) added: "My two companions added, `The men you saw half handsome and half ugly were these people who had mixed an act that was good with another that was bad, but Allah forgave them'.''

Another narration of Al-Bukhari is: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "One night two men came to me and took me to a blessed land.'' (The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) told of the same incident as above) and said, "After a while of walking we came upon a pit like an oven, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom with fire raging in it. When the flames rose up (the people in it) also rose up till they were about to come out; and when the fire subsided they, too, would go down with it. In it were naked men and women.''

(The remainder of the Hadith is the same as the above Hadith except that at the end of it, the Messenger of Allah said: "We came upon a river of blood in the middle of which there was a man standing, and at the bank of the river there was a man with plenty of stones before him...'' In this narration we also find: "They made me climb the tree and they made me enter an abode so beautiful the like of which I have never seen before. There (I saw) old men and youth.'' In this narration we also find: "`The first house you entered was the abode of the believers in general, and the other house was the abode of the martyrs. I am Jibril (Gabriel), and this is Mika'il. Raise your head.' I looked up and saw something like clouds. They said to me, `That is your abode.' I said, `Shall I enter it?' They said, `You have not completed your term of life yet. When you do, you will certainly enter it.'''

Saturday, February 12, 2011

cerita tentang neraka....

Kenapa Rasulullah s.a.w Menangis??

"Yazid Ar-raqqasyi dari Anas bin Malik r.a. berkata :

Jibril datang kepada Nabi s.a.w pada saat yang tidak biasa datang, dalam keadaaan yang berubah mukanya, maka ditanya oleh Nabi s.a.w:

"Mengapa aku melihat kau berubah muka?"

Jawabnya: Ya Muhammad aku datang kepadamu pada saat di mana Allah menyuruh supaya dikobarkan penyalaan api neraka,
maka tidak layak bagi orang yang mengetahui bahawa Neraka Jahannam itu benar, dan seksa kubur itu benar,
dan seksa Allah itu terbesar untuk bersuka-suka sebelum dia merasa aman daripadanya.

Lalu Nabi s.a.w. bersabda:
Ya Jibril, jelaskan padaku sifat Jahannam!

Jawabnya: Ya, ketika Allah menjadikan Jahannam maka dinyalakan selama seribu tahun sehingga merah,
kemudian dilanjutkan seribu tahun sehingga putih,
kemudian seribu tahun sehingga hitam,
maka ia hitam gelap,
tidak pernah padam nyala dan baranya.

Demi Allah yang mengutus engkau dengan hak,
andaikan terbuka sebesar lubang jarum nescaya akan dapat membakar penduduk dunia semuanya kerana panasnya.

Demi Allah yang mengutus engkau dengan hak,
andaikan satu baju ahli neraka itu digantung diantara langit dan bumi nescaya akan mati penduduk bumi kerana panas dan baunya.

Demi Allah yang mengutus engkau dengan hak,
andaikan satu pergelangan dan
rantai yang disebut Allah dalam Al-quran itu diletakkan di atas bukit nescaya akan cair sampai ke bawah bumi yang ke tujuh

Demi Allah yang mengutus engkau dengan hak,
andaikan seorang dihujung barat terseksa
nescaya akan terbakar orang² yang dihujung timur kerana sangat panasnya,

Jahannam itu sangat dalam
dan perhiasannya besi,
dan minumannya air panas bercampur nanah,
dan pakaiannya potong-potongan api

Api neraka itu mempunyai tujuh pintu,
tiap² pintu ada bahagian yang tertentu dari org laki² dan perempuan.

Nabi s.a.w bertanya: Apakah pintu-pintunya bagaikan pintu² rumah² kami?

Tidak, tetapi selalu terbuka, setengahnya di bawah dari lainnya dan pintu ke pintu jarak perjalanannya tujuh puluh ribu tahun,
tiap pintu lebih panas dari yang lain tujuh puluh kali lipat ganda,
maka digiring ke sana musuh² Allah sehingga bila telah sampai ke pintunya disambut oleh Malaikat² Zabaniyah dengan rantai dan belenggu,
maka rantai itu dimasukkan ke dalam mulut mereka hingga tembus ke punggung dan diikat tangan kirinya ke lehernya,
sedang tangan kanannya dimasukkan ke dalam dada dan tembus ke bahunya,
dan setiap manusia diganding dengan syaitannya lalu diseret tersungkur mukanya sambi dipukul oleh para malaikat dengan tukul besi,
setiap mereka ingin keluar kerana
sangat risau maka ditanamkan ke dalamnya.

Kemudian Nabi s.a.w bertanya: Siapakah penduduk di pintu masing²?

Jawabnya: Pintu yang terbawah untuk org² munafik dan org² kafir setelah
diturunkan hidangan mukjizat Nabi Isa a.s serta keluarga Firaun sedang namanya Al-Hawiyah.

Pintu kedua tempat org² musyrikin bernama Jahim,

pintu ketiga tempat org² shobi’in bernama saqar.

Pintu keempat tempat iblis dan pengikutnya dan kaum majusi
bernama ladha.

Pintu kelima org² yahudi bernama khuthamah.

Pintu keenam tempat org² kristian(nasara) bernama sa’ir.

Kemudian Jibril diam segan pada Rasulullah s.a.w sehingga Nabi s.a.w bertanya:
Mengapa tidak kau terangkan penduduk pintu ketujuh?

Jawabnya: Didalamnya org² yang berdosa besar dari umatmu yang sampai mati belum sempat bertaubat.

Maka Nabi s.a.w jatuh pengsan ketika mendengar keterangan itu, sehingga Jibril meletakkan kepala Nabi s.a.w di pangkuan Jibril sehingga sedar kembali, dan ketika sudah sedar

Nabi s.a.w bersabda: Ya Jibril sungguh besar kerisauanku.

Jawabnya: ya, iaitu org yang berdosa besar dari umatmu.

Kemudian Nabi s.a.w menangis,
Jibril juga menangis,
kemudian Nabi s.a.w masuk ke dalam rumahnya dan tidak keluar kecuali untuk sembahyang kemudian kembali dan tidak berbicara dengan orang
dan bila sembahyang baginda selalu menangis
dan minta kepada Allah,

Padahari yang ketiga datang Abu Bakar r.a ke rumah Nabi s.a.wmengucap: Assalamua’laikum ya ahla bait rahmah,
apakah dapat bertemu kepada Nabi s.a.w,
maka tidak ada yang menjawabnya,
sehingga dia beredar dan menangis.

Kemudia Umar r.a datang dan berkata :
Assalamua’laikum ya ahla bait rahmah,
apakah dapat bertemu dengan Rasulullah
dan ketika tidak mendapat jawapan dia pun beredar dan menangis,

kemudian datang Salman Al Farisi dan berdiri di muka pintu sambil mengucapkan: Assalamua’laikum ya ahla bait rahmah,
apakah dapat bertemu dengan junjunganku Rasulullah s.a.w,
dan ketika tidak mendapat jawapannya,
dia menangis sehingga jatuh dan bangun,
sehingga dia mengucapkan:

Assalamua’laikum hai puteri Rasulullah s.a.w.
Bertepatan itu Ali r.a tidak ada di rumah, lalu bertanya:Hai puteri Rasulullah sesungguhnya Rasulullah s.a.w telah beberapa hari tidak keluar rumah kecuali untuk sembahyang dan tidak berkata-kata kepada orang,
juga tidak mengizinkan org² bertemu kepadanya.

Maka segerala Fatimah memakai baju yang panjang dan pergi sehingga sampai di
pintu rumah Rasulullah s.a.w dan memberi salam sambil berkata: saya Fatimah, ya

Sedang Rasulullah s.a.w bersujud sambil menangis
dan bertanya: Mengapakah kesayanganku, bukakan pintu untuknya.

Maka masuklah Fatimah dan ketika melihat Nabi s.a.w, menangislah dia kerana melihat Nabi s.a.w, lalu dia
pucat dan sembab mukanya kerana banyak menangis dan sangat sedih
bertanya : Ya Rasulullah apakah yang menimpa padamu?

Jawabnya: Jibril datang kepadaku dan menerangkan sifat² Neraka Jahannam lalu
menerangkan bahawa bahagian yang teratas daripadanya adalah untuk umatku yang berbuat dosa-dosa besar, maka itulah yang menyebabkan tangis dan dukacitaku..

Dia bertanya: Ya Rasulullah bagaimana cara masuknya?

Jawabnya: Diiring oleh Malaikat ke neraka, tanpa dihitamkan muka juga tidak biru mata mereka dan tidak ditutup mulut mereka, dan tidak digandingkan.
dengan syaitan, bahkan tidak dibelenggu atau dirantai

Ditanya pula: Lalu bagaimana cara Malaikat menuntun mereka?

Jawabnya: Adapun kaum lelaki ditarik janggutnya sedang yang wanita ditarik, maka berapa banyak dari org² tua dari umatku yang mengeuh ketika
diseret ke neraka:
“Alangkah tua dan lemah diriku”
Demikian pula yang muda.”Wahai kemudaanku dan
bagus rupaku”

Sedang wanita mengeluh. “wahai alangkah malu diriku sehingga dibawa ke Malaikat

Dan ketika dilihat oleh Malaikat Malik, lalu bertanya:siapakah mereka itu? Maka
tidak pernah saya dapatkan orang yang akan terseksa seperti org² ini, muka mereka tidak hitam, matanya tidak biru, mulutnya tidak tertutup juga tidak diikat bersama
syaitannya, dan tidak dibelenggu atau dirantai leher mereka?

Jawab Malaikat: Demikianlah kami diperintah membawa orang² ini kepadamu
sedemikian rupa.

Lalu ditanya oleh Malaikat Malik: siapakah kamu wahai org² yang celaka?

Dalam riwayat lain:ketika mereka digiring oleh Malaikat, mereka selalu
memanggil:”wa Muhammad”, tetapi setelah melihat Malaikat Malik, mereka lupa
akan nama Muhammad s.a.w kerana hebatnya Malaikat Malik, lalu ditanya:siapakah

Jawab mereka: kami umat yang dituruni Al-Quran dan kami telah berpuasa pada
bulan Ramadhan.

Lalu Malaikat Malik berkata: Al-Quran tidak diturunkan kecuali kepada umat
Muhammad s.a.w.

Maka ketika itu mereka menjerit: kami umat Muhammad!
Maka Malaikat Malik bertanya: tidakkah telah ada larangan dalam Al-Quran dari
terhadap Allah ta’ala?

Dan ketika telah berada di tepi Jahannam dan diserahkan kepada Malaikat Zabaniyah,
mereka berkata: Hai Malik, izinkanlah kami menangis, maka diizinkan, lalu.
mereka menangis sampai habis air mata, kemudian menangis dengan darah

Sehingga berkata Malaikat Malik: Alangkah baiknya menangis ini andaikata,
terjadi di dunia kerana takut kepada Alah nescaya kamu tidak akan tersentuh
api neraka pada hari ini.

lalu Malaikat Mallik berkata kepada Malaikat Zabaniyah: Lemparkan mereka kedalam neraka.

Dan apabila telah dilempar mereka serentak menjerit: Laa ilaaha illallah, maka.
surutlah api neraka

Malik berkata: Hai api sambarlah mereka!

Jawab api: Bagaimana kami menyambar mereka padahal mereka mengucapkan.
: Laa ilaaha illallah

Malik berkata: Ambillah mereka..
Jawab api: Bagaimana kami dapat mengambil mereka, sedang mereka membaca..
: Laa ilaaha illallah

Malik berkata: Demikianla perintah Tuhan Rabbul Arasy.
Maka ditangkaplah mereka oleh api, ada yang hanya sampai di tapak kaki, ada yang sampai ke lutut, ada yang sampai setengah badan, ada yang sampai leher, maka bila telah sampai ke muka,

Malik berkata: Jangan bakar muka mereka kerana mereka telah lama sujud kepada Allah, juga jgn bakar hati mereka kerana mereka telah haus pada bulan Ramadhan, maka tinggal daam neraka beberapa lama sambil
menyebut: Ya Arhamar Rahimin, ya Hannan ya Mannan.

Kemudian bila telah sampai hukuman mereka, maka Allah memanggil Jibril dan
menanyakan: Ya Jibril bagaimanakah keadaan org² yang maksiat dari umat
Muhammad s.a.w?

Jawab Jibril: Ya Tuhan, Engkau lebih mengetahui.
Lalu diperintah: pergilah kau lihat keadaan mereka

Maka pergilah Jibril a.s kepada Malik yang sedang duduk di atas mimbar di tengah

Dan ketika Malik melihat Jibril, ia segera bangun hormat dan berkata: Ya
Jibril mengapakah engkau datang ke sini?
Jawabnya: bagaimana keadaan rombongan yang maksiat dari umat Muhammad s.a.w

Jawab Mallik: sungguh ngeri keadaan mereka dan sempit tempat mereka, mereka.
telah terbakar badan dan daging mereka kecuali muka dan hati mereka masih
berkilauan iman.

Jibril berkata: bukalah tutup mereka supaya saya dapat melihat mereka.
Maka Malik menyuruh Zabaniyah membuka tutup dan ketika mereka melihat Jibril
mereka mengerti bahawa ini bukan Malaikat yang ditugaskan untuk menyeksa.
Lalu mereka bertanya: siapakah hamba yang sangat bagus rupanya itu?

Jawab Malik: itu Jibril yang biasa membawa wahyu kepada Muhammad s.a.w.
Dan ketika mereka mendengar nama Nabi Muhammad s.a.w maka serentak mereka
Ya Jibril sampaikan salam kami kepada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan
beritakan bahawa maksiat kamilah yang memisahkan kami dengan baginda, dan
beritakan kepadanya keadaan kami.

Maka kembalilah jibril menghadap kepada Allah lalu ditanya: bagaimana kamu
melihat umat Muhammad?

Jawabnya: Ya Tuhan alangkah jelek keadaan mereka dan sempit tempat mereka.
Lalu Alah bertanya: Apakah mereka minta apa² kepadamu?

Jawabnya: Ya, mereka minta disampaikan salam mereka kepada Muhammad s.a.w
dan diberitakan kepadanya keadaan mereka.

Maka Allah menyuruh jibril menyampaikan semua pesanan itu kepada Nabi
Muhammad s.a.w yang tinggal dalam khemah dari permata yang putih mempunyai
empat ribu pintu, tiap pintu mempunyai dua daun pintu dari emas, maka berkata jibril:

Ya Muhammad saya datang kepadamu dari rombongan org² yang derhaka dari
umatmu yang masih terseksa dalam neraka, mereka menyampaikan salam kepadamu
dan mengeluh bahawa keadaan mereka sangat jelek dan sangat sempit tempat mereka.

Maka pergilah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w ke bawah Arasy dan bersujud dan, sehingga Allah menyuruh Nabi: Angkatlah kepaamu dan mintalah
memuji Allah dengan pujian yang tidak pernah diucapkan oleh seorang
makhluk pun
nescaya akan diberi, dan ajukan syafaatmu pasti akan diterima.

Maka Nabi Muhammad s.a.w berkata: Ya Tuhanku, org² yg derhaka dari umatku,telah teraksana pada mereka hukumanMu dan balasanMu, maka terimalah.

Allah berfirman: Aku terima syafaatmu terhadap mereka, maka pergilah ke neraka
dan keluarkan daripadanya org yang pernah mengucap Laa ilaaha illallah..

Maka pegilah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w ke neraka dan ketika dilihat oleh Malaikat
Malik segera ia bangkit hormat, lalu ditanya: Hai Malik, bagaimanakah keadaan
umatku yang derhaka?

Jawabnya: Alangkah jeleknya keadaan mereka dan sempit tempat mereka, lalu
diperintah bukalah pintu dan angkat tutupnya.

Maka apabila org² neraka itu melihat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w mereka serentak
menjerit: Ya Muhammad, api neraka telah membakar kulit kami.

Maka dikeluarkan semuanya berupa arang, lalu dibawa mereka itu ke sungai di
muka pintu syurga yang bernama Nahrul Hayawan, dan di sana mereka mandi
atau org² Jahannam yang telah dibebaskan Allah.
Dan mereka kemudian masuk ke

Maka apabila org² neraka melihat kaum muslimin telah dilepaskan dari neraka,
mereka berkata:
Aduh sekiranya kami dahulu Islam, tentu kami dapat keluar dari
neraka, demikianlah sebagaimana firman Allah :
Pada suatu saat kelak org² kafir.
ingin andaikan mereka menjadi Muslim

Abul Laits meriwayatkan dengan sanadnya dari Abdullah bin Amr r.a berkata :
org² neraka memanggil Malaikat Malik, tetapi tidak dijawab selama empat puluh tahun,
kemudian dijawab: Bahawa kamu tetap tinggal dalam neraka.

Kemudia mereka berdoa(memanggil) Tuhan:
Ya Tuhan keluarkanlah kami dari neraka ini,
maka bila kami mengulangi perbuatan² kami yang lalu itu bererti kami
maka tidak dijawab selama umur dunia ini dua kali,
kemudian dijawab: Hina
dinalah kamu di dalam Neraka dan jangan berkata-kata!

Demi Allah setelah itu tidak ada yang dapat berkata kata walau satu kalimat, sedang

yang terdengar hanya nafas keluhan dan tangis rintihan yang suara mereka
hampir menyamai suara himar (keldai)

:copied from Farah Azielia's picture's description....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Enemy Combatant

I am in a hospital right now, beside my father who is laying on his sick-bed. Thank God his operation went well yesterday, now he is just waiting for the operation's wound to heal.
Oh yeah, thanks to this event, I just skipped my classes this morning, and I am going to miss 'Seminar Perbandingan Agama" I had been planning since last yaer -.-. Hurmm I guess the good site is, I am having a good break here for all those activities at college, and the chance to write now.

Well, looking after someone, staying in the hospital all day long, I filled the time reading book, and I found this interesting book in my sister's room last night as I was looking one. Its tittle "Enemy Combatant". A story about a British Muslim who had been detained and arrested under false allegation and kept in the famous Guantanamo Bay. The book is not too much to say, great. Well the journal tell storiea of how the man had been places in his life, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, about how he had face racist since he was teen. Well he is British, with Pakistanis blood and Asian face. He told the situation there during the 80-s, about skinheads and white-racist been attacking non-white people that even police could not do anything.

Then after been through that in his tenage years, he filled his time try to help the people around the world, particularly around Middle East and europe. You should read the book, a lot of thing to discover from his journeys. =)

Anyway, the book is telling about the same thing that had make me changed this recent years. About a guy who is looking for justice and peace around the world. I had posta some of his writings in my facebook, which are:

‎"In 1988, I recalled, a US warship in the Persian Gulf downed an Iranian Airbus loaded with nearly 300 civilians. The Iranians just received a 'whoops, I thought it was an F14 coming for us' from the US. I was sickened. If Iran had made the same mistake with a US passenger jet, what would have happened? The First Gulf War?'

"One of the Kashmiris told me how men had been forced to watch the rape of their own daughters by Indian troops; one man had even forced to lie with his own daughter. Another told me how Indian soldiers would tear up the Quran and orinate on it during house-to-house searches."

‎"Serb soldiers had raided her house and raped her in front of her husband. The gang rape continued over the screams of their three-months-old baby. As long as the child cried at least she'd known it was alive. When the crying stopped she begged the soldiers, 'Where's my baby?What have you done to him?' A soldier came in carrying the child's head and place it on a table next to her, before he raped her again."

These injustices are happening around the world, and I just could not be grateful enough to realise that I have been born in this peaceful country, Malaysia.

But its not about this country I want to write about. Its about how one feel sad, pity, anger and hatred when we hear all this news. And it always followed by this, helpless. Helpless, when we thought, what can do about it anyway? The thought of blaming the leaders, leaders of Arabs countries who did nothing, or UN that just a tool and puppet of bigger powers. Those puppeteers did really care about justice in the world, all they care of how to make every countries in the world obey to them.

I dont think so. I am just an ordinary guy, average as most of people out there. But I just found the answer to all this unfairness.

strangers of the end
an average ordinary guy who is looking for world peace and justice, and found the answer through his religion
Yes, religion. When I found it is the answer, I just realise the importance and deep meaning when Islam had always taught us to call people back to God.
That is what Prophet Muhammad pbuh been doing then, and brought light to the whole world.