Monday, November 28, 2011

Who is GOD? =)

ALLAH, He is the Creator of this world, He creates you, and me.

He is the One who arranged everything beautifully and systematically, that we, the creations, have to observe and learn how the systems works so we can apply to our everyday life.
He is the One, who gives us foods, and provide us shelters at nights, so we can sleep soundly.
He let we live everyday, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to hold things, feet to walk, mouth to communicate with others, and many more things we don't realise its not even ours, but all due to His grace and mercy.

People asked me how He looked.

HIS look is unimaginable, as He can't be the same as those that He created, because if He is, then He don't deserve to be a GOD, when it is a sign of weakness.
HE is not made of flesh, nor fire, water, air, sand, stone, glass, and everything in this world, because the world is creations, and He is the CREATOR.

IF every living things in this world, choose not to bow to Him, His POWER will not decrease even a little,
And if every living things in this world decided to worship Him alone and didn't associate Him with others, His POWER will not increase any higher,
Because we need Him, but He don't need us.

When this, shows that we should not even exist, since the probability of our existence is ZERO, but here we are reading these words I typed, do we really can think that we are created by CHANCE?

And you knows what is more interesting? If we are to calculate the possibility of death, by counting all possible ways of dying, we going to get 100% percentage of death, as the movies of Final Destinations show.

BUT here we are again, still breathing, and haven't die, who do you think is protecting us and giving us the chance to live?

Throughout history, He has been communicating to us, through His Prophets, to give us the guidance of how we should live, and why we been created. The words are soo powerful that even the manipulated and changed ones can control the sincere hearts.

Let us embark to the journey, of finding our real purpose of Life, knowing who He really is, differentiating which are His true words, and which are the changed ones. =)

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