Friday, January 21, 2011

Enemy Combatant

I am in a hospital right now, beside my father who is laying on his sick-bed. Thank God his operation went well yesterday, now he is just waiting for the operation's wound to heal.
Oh yeah, thanks to this event, I just skipped my classes this morning, and I am going to miss 'Seminar Perbandingan Agama" I had been planning since last yaer -.-. Hurmm I guess the good site is, I am having a good break here for all those activities at college, and the chance to write now.

Well, looking after someone, staying in the hospital all day long, I filled the time reading book, and I found this interesting book in my sister's room last night as I was looking one. Its tittle "Enemy Combatant". A story about a British Muslim who had been detained and arrested under false allegation and kept in the famous Guantanamo Bay. The book is not too much to say, great. Well the journal tell storiea of how the man had been places in his life, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, about how he had face racist since he was teen. Well he is British, with Pakistanis blood and Asian face. He told the situation there during the 80-s, about skinheads and white-racist been attacking non-white people that even police could not do anything.

Then after been through that in his tenage years, he filled his time try to help the people around the world, particularly around Middle East and europe. You should read the book, a lot of thing to discover from his journeys. =)

Anyway, the book is telling about the same thing that had make me changed this recent years. About a guy who is looking for justice and peace around the world. I had posta some of his writings in my facebook, which are:

‎"In 1988, I recalled, a US warship in the Persian Gulf downed an Iranian Airbus loaded with nearly 300 civilians. The Iranians just received a 'whoops, I thought it was an F14 coming for us' from the US. I was sickened. If Iran had made the same mistake with a US passenger jet, what would have happened? The First Gulf War?'

"One of the Kashmiris told me how men had been forced to watch the rape of their own daughters by Indian troops; one man had even forced to lie with his own daughter. Another told me how Indian soldiers would tear up the Quran and orinate on it during house-to-house searches."

‎"Serb soldiers had raided her house and raped her in front of her husband. The gang rape continued over the screams of their three-months-old baby. As long as the child cried at least she'd known it was alive. When the crying stopped she begged the soldiers, 'Where's my baby?What have you done to him?' A soldier came in carrying the child's head and place it on a table next to her, before he raped her again."

These injustices are happening around the world, and I just could not be grateful enough to realise that I have been born in this peaceful country, Malaysia.

But its not about this country I want to write about. Its about how one feel sad, pity, anger and hatred when we hear all this news. And it always followed by this, helpless. Helpless, when we thought, what can do about it anyway? The thought of blaming the leaders, leaders of Arabs countries who did nothing, or UN that just a tool and puppet of bigger powers. Those puppeteers did really care about justice in the world, all they care of how to make every countries in the world obey to them.

I dont think so. I am just an ordinary guy, average as most of people out there. But I just found the answer to all this unfairness.

strangers of the end
an average ordinary guy who is looking for world peace and justice, and found the answer through his religion
Yes, religion. When I found it is the answer, I just realise the importance and deep meaning when Islam had always taught us to call people back to God.
That is what Prophet Muhammad pbuh been doing then, and brought light to the whole world.

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