Monday, December 26, 2011

The final speech...

This speech is dedicated to my fellow KMS-ians, batch 2009-2011, in a final memory of them.. =)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum my lovely and dear friends.

Honestly, I don't know whether I should really write this or not, because it been a very, very long time since I resign (one year ago? -.-) but I have been planning to write this since the end of college last June but it doesn't really work every time I tried to write. So I thought I must write this AT LEAST before this year end, or it will be really too irrelevant and late.

I am writing this not that because I can't accept the fact that the past is the past and I am no longer a president of SRC or tak sedar diri haha, it is because I felt that I just want to express myself for the last time to everyone of you as it has been a really wonderful thing working with you guys, really. =) And to say few more thing for the very last time.

Right now, I am already at the land of foreigner, United Kingdom. Me myself can't believe that it was just only 6 months ago we were in the college struggling for our IB and A-level examinations, and many things had happened in just 6 months. Some of us are in Australia, India, Republic Czech, Egypt, United Kingdom and some are still in Malaysia waiting for their flight to Australia or New Zealand next February. Not to forget to mention those who are now continuing their study in Malaysia now.

For those who got excellent result or passed their requirement for the exams, I expressed my compliments and congratulation to you guys, and for those who didn't, I know that you people had already overcome your grief in these past few months, but I believe He has better plan for each of us. In the end, the winners are not those who got excellent result, but they are who whatever result they got, it bring them closer to Him. =)

My dear friends,

I don't know how many time I has said this, but here I am saying again, being a president of Student Representative Council was really the last time I had in my mind when I decided to contest in the election week. But fate had decided that I should be holding the position at the college. If I am to think it back, it wasn't really a big thing, because I am just a leader of a small college in the middle of Seremban city, but I was taken by my words few years before that that I had informally promised to myself at the state of 'hating' a leadership who 'didn't do their work as a leader', that IF I BE AT THEIR POSITION, I will not do 'this and that'. So it turn out saying is much easier than done.

Without any experience of involving organisation works, my mind was blank and clueless. I don't know what I should be really doing, and I don't have any chance to refer to any past preference as I never even sit in a formal meeting. Here, I want to say my deep thanks to all the SRC companion for their never ending advises, ideas and supports, and making all our achievements possible. Fatin, Joe and Synur, Poje and Timi, Raja and Azie, Syahmi and Zureen, Fakri and Amal, Fiqri and Hasima, and our Chinese couple, Fong and Muna haha. In our early start, we had face few differences and misunderstanding but thank God we overcome them smoothly. My apologise for my lack of experience had somehow slow down the council at the beginning, and if I had scolded or 'overstrict' to all of you. I did that because I felt that if I failed to have a disciplined community, how can I expect the students to follow us by example?

I realised that as a leader, I should have a vision, or an objective that I want to bring my dear friends to for the time I taking charge of. After thinking deeply, I decided that I should do my best to lead them to know more about Islam. This because I believe, if everyone is to adhere to the beautiful Islam principles, they can be successful wherever they go. Or even if the Christians become more religious, in any way the religion should be a great 'tool' for them to lead a good life. In order for my friends to know more about Islam, I realise it not just about calling and stricken them to pray five time, wearing scurf or long pant, fasting etc. Instead, its about telling them WHY they should do them, which is for their own good. So it is about feeding them the KNOWLEDGE. This is why personally at the beginning, I doesn't really like our surau to just do 'Yasin reading' or 'solat sunat hajat'. I want to do more forums, talks etc. And this is the reason why in between Maghrib and Isya' when I see no one is doing anything, I will take the microphone, putting on 'loud' mode, and start reading Hadiths. Then later I got to do know it is 'Tabligh's' one of their everyday 'things to do'.

This personal resolution also made me realise that me myself need to get a lot more knowledge before I want to teach anyone about Islam. Indirectly, I started to read and look for books, and this time it just not for my own personal self or to score in exams, but to practice and teach them to others in life.

My beloved friends,

Other that those things, I know that I need to fulfilled the promises I, or we the SRC, had made during our election week. My personal achievement was that I had managed to ask the office to move the modem from in front of co-op to the middle of Wisma Pelajar. Of course, this action had received some objection from the girls from block Aisyah but I know putting it in front of co-op means that the public had difficulty to use it as there are only few seats available that can get the line, minus the Aisyah block. Then, I had asked kindly to the administration to increase the 'speed' of the modem as the IB students need to use it regularly for their works. I don't know wheter they really did it but at least I asked. haha. It was really easy to work with Abang Amir and of course, the then director, Pn Hasyimah in asking those things.

Few other issues we managed to engage to the administration were the laundry, Wispi and Surau. Synur had  worked to set up a 'Printer Room' but after meeting few difficulties, the plan was only half done, as she could not find anyone to take care of the room properly and she had to settle with her studies. We managed to grab some printer and old computer from library and been given one room in the Wispi. Poje had successfully set up a "Baitulmal Funding" and although I was late to know, I heard he had given the money to some of our friend at critical times. Fakri and Amal had never failed to think how to make our monthly assembly as fun, interesting and effective as they can. And lot more, I guess there are too many thing to say here if want to write each member of the council works.

Then, all praise to Him, we had together managed to organise few events successfully throughout our time in office. The UNIC nasyid fund-raising and Director Retirement Ceremony was two events that we can be proud of. Then Majlis Hari Raya was always one of the big thing we, the colleagues, look into and we were happy that we succeeded to make everyone pleased on that day.

Of course, as I said in my last speech as  a president, this successes are all thanks to everyone contribution in their part such as the IB's group  (err I forgot the groups name lol) and A-level Student Body . We would not manage to do them without everyone support. Personally, I was sad when I heard IB teachers had disband the IB groups as they had been very helpful, but I guess they know what is best for students.

My cherished ex-colleagues,

I guess I had wrote too much here. Before I end this, let me give few reminders that I think we ought to keep in mind. Friends, let each of us not to forget that we are the very few from billions of people in this world who are very lucky. We here been taught with the right knowledge of Islam, we get enough food and shelters, we have most of thing where about 90% of people in this world didn't have. We live in a peaceful and lovely country, we sleep soundly at night without any worries that someone might bomb our home, and we are free to a lot of things. The only worries we have in our mind is about how to score in exams. So don't let this easiness in our life blind ourselves from our very reason why we exist in this world. The only question I want to ask is, do we really want to leave this world without even leaving any legacy or deeds that can benefit the humankind despite our lucky life?

Down here are two videos I want to share with everyone, one is video of my girlfriend (erk hehee, oke just kidding) and another is Maher Zain's song which I found the lyrics are really deep. I hope everyone watch them and think. If someone who is slow, 'gelabah', careless, 'kaki bangku', hoarse voice and 'shy' like me manage to be where I am now, why not you? Let us not forget that one day Islam will be rise up as Prophet Muhammad promised in his Hadith, don't we want to contribute to it too, or just watch it happen?

The other important thing is that, let each of us be greed of knowledge. Find and attend any talks, forums and knowledge forum that you heard of, insyaAllah, He will give us hidayah.

My beloved and dear friends,

Again, I want to apologise for any mistakes and faults I had done throughout two years in the college. I don't know when we will meet again, as death is always around the corner. As even now, we have lost two friends and how do we know whether we will be next or not. Let just prepare ourselves to it as Prophet Muhammad said, "The smartest among us is the one who always remember death.".

I don't know how to translate this, but "Harap dihalalkan sume hutang, makan dan minum."
It been very pleasure working with and for you guys. Happy new years and take care. I love each one of you and wishes the best in life, insyaAllah.

Assalamualaikum~ =)

Maher Zain: Awaken

My dear brother and sister it's time to change inside
Open your eyes...Don't throw away what's right aside
Before the day comes when there's nowhere to run and hide
Now ask yourself...cause Allah's watching you 

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