Sunday, June 27, 2010

corpse's car (keta mayat?)

there's a another specific word for the tittle below right?too lazy to think the word haha.
Anyway I found this blog last thursday, the day before I went back to this college now. It attracted me that I didnt pack my things on that nite and I sleep quite late. Errr actually I try to make sleep early as a habit. Try to follow Quran stating that "bukankah kami menjadikan malam itu sebagai selmut..", forgot which verse etc, plus being lazy again to google search. =D

The blog is interesting because it is full of information I never knew before. I think it because the blogger is a 'tabligh', he must had quite knowledge in his mind. Still there are few posts that rated 18-sx, but the posts are still useful to us....

Filling my time advertising this.
p/s: aaaah I know there are broken grammar here and there in this post and a little bit 'skema', as stated below again and again, too lazy to think properly =D.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

reunion 514

heck this post is kinda late, it already 3 days since I got back from my class reu, which is Monday. I have been looking the mood to write.

So I had a reu last sunday and monday. It was superb, meeting the old classmates of 2 years, thought not most of them could make it. 7 boys and 5 girls, out of 24 total. Credit should be given to Izzati for being the mastermind of the plan, since she's the one doing all the works calling everyone, asking the right date etc.....done quite a big role.
Well every plan has a initiater, and this one is her.

Meeting the old friends somehow pull the old me out of myself. Haha. Oke honestly I am not who I am 2 years ago. I learned a lot of new things after the school life, and decide to change.
Who the old me?

Me who used to curse as daily words, show the hand and say harsh words without even feeling guilty, mengumpat and etc
Haha these things might seems as simple things for a lot of us, as I used to think too. "Acceptable". They are not that 'bad', and common thing that a lot of us did.
But a lot of us does not realize, these things are still wrong.

"Kecelakaan bagi pengumpat dan pencela...." (104: 1)

Tell enough right?
Anyway it was a great meeting. Talked about the old times, had fun at the port dickson beach, played 'beach soccer' with a flated (kempis?) ball, blamed to zac hahaha, banana boat ride, walkabout around the town, and a late-but-free dinner sponsored by nazhif.

Then we went to Jasin on the next day to take our spm certificate and met our teachers at the same time. That sure bring a lot of memory too, walking through the place we had lived for 2 years. And the small town jasin! haha

Again, remembering back all those things, I realise how much different I was. A nobody without clear aim of life. A bad-tempered guy who easily got pissed. A lazy student who slept in class all time especially during bm and agama lessons, that the teachers remembered me for that =D haha.
Oke I got reasons about this 'sleeping' things but Im not going to write it here. Still I owe a lot of apologies to my dear teachers.

Still, its a great thing to see that every one of us is going to be "somebody". insyAllah.
asyur, nazhif, che, hasif; engineer. hifni & tqa; doc. zac, ekin: dentist. zati: errr ape name, quantity surveyier?. pdah: pengedar dadah wahahaha, oke2, pharmacist x silap. mai: cekgu.
Tak termasuk lg others who could not attend the trip.
Sape x gembira kalau tgok mmber berjaya an?? =)

Each of us are on our own path, going to different directions, but we are a bunch of people from the same class. And the class stored 1001 stories of laughs and tears. 414 / 514.
God-willing, we will meet again in our life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


oke I got a sense the previous picture is a 'little show off',
thought I did not mean it, coz I was looking a picture of sea / water and the previous one is the 'best' I could find.

so here the new pic, newly taken =D

Friday, June 18, 2010

budak surau, minah tudung labuh, etc?

hey, I am going to write in Malay this time...

Hurm da lame ak nak tulis psal bnde, pasal persepsi orang ramai dengan gelaran "mat surau" atau "minah alim". Tapi kerana perasaan marah mnguasai otak stiap kali nak tulis, ak tangguhkan je coz sesuatu bende yang ditulis atas dasar nafsu marah akan menyebabkan akal kita tak boleh membezakan yg mane yg betul atau yg mane salah.

Asal marah?
Oke ak ade bace dari satu blog, pasal sorang budak ni, die berasa panas. Kisahnya?
Dia berada dalam kelas yang membosankan, ramai budak tido. Tetiber, cikgu point kat budak yg tido kat depan die mnyebabkan satu kelas tgok kat dorang. Tapi budak depan die tu dengan muka x bersalah tgok kat diri si penulis blog tu seolah-olah die yg tido. So si mangsa ni berasa baran ah coz budak depan dia adalah "mat surau", seolah-olah die x bole terima kenyataan sorang 'budak surau' bt camtu.

Then here is another case. erk suddenly I tend to write in english -.-'
Once I had a long chat with my friend. Then he said about an issue, where a person from his school is a gay (my friend is from an all-boy boarding school, I suppose its quite common). Then he point out that the guy is a "mat surau", making him to hate the guy even more.

The point here is, I think a lot of people has a wrong perception about "mat surau" or "minah tudung labuh" things. Let me say this out clearly;

"mat surau" and "minah tudung labuh" is not HOLY

They are normal human, that can easily be fallen to the devil's incitement (hasutan?) and self desire (nafsu?).
No I am not saying its oke for someone to be a gay, or to do like in the first case. Yes they do mistakes, but their wrongdoings is not related with the fact whether he or she a mat surau or minah tudung labuh.
I hate this labeling terms because it makes a lot of people become reluctant to come to surau / masjid to pray jamaah and wear a big scarf when the facts that Muslims should do them.

Let be fair oke.
People say all the free-hairs Muslimah is not 'bad', its just they have not been told to wear scurf since young properly. True.
Then so do all those mat surau and minah tudung labuh. Its not they are "good", they just follow the way a muslim should be.

There is no such thing as
"I am holy enough, now I should go to surau to pray jamaah everyday", or
"I am not 'holy' to wear a big scurf yet, maybe next time, when I am 'prepare' "

Every muslimin should pray jamaah 5 times a day, as in Quran;

"Dan dirikanlah solat, tunaikan zakat dan rukuklah beserta orang-orang yang rukuk.”(Al-Baqarah: 43)

dan hadis sahih;

"Baginda S.A.W bersabda, 'Sungguh, alangkah ingin aku menyuruh (para sahabat) melakukan solat, dan aku suruh seseorang untuk mengimaminya, kemudian aku pergi bersama beberapa orang yang membawa beberapa ikat kayu bakar menuju (rumah) orang-orang yang tidak ikut solat berjemaah, untuk membakar rumah mereka dengan api' " (Sahih Bukhari dan Muslim)

Those talks are devils tricks, so that there will less people go to surau or wear big scurf, as according to Quran.

There is no such thing as "moderate Muslim" or "good Muslim". When we are a Muslim, then we should follow the way it is.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


its wednesday morning, got nothing to do
the home is empty, my mother and my sister just leave to kl to take my brother at klia tonite, he is back from egypt, and my father is having class somewhere......

lying lazily on a couch in front of television, its raining outside, the temperature is cold, strengthen my tendency to sleep even though I slept early last nite, 11
I was being very lazy hahaha, I thought its going to be another wasted precious morning without doing anything beneficial, sleep all through it.
Oh you know how hard it is right to forced ourself to do something in that situation....

sUddEnlY, I dont know where its come from, these words came into my mind;

"kat akhirat nnt, ak akan duduk samade kat neraka selama-lamanye atau kat syurga selame-lamenye"..........-.-

my eyes opened widely, somehow an unknown strength came, got up, washed my mouth, closed the tv, fan bla2 and went up to my room, looking to do something
so I end up reading a book, "Tariq: Menang ataupun Syahid" written by Abdul Latip Talib. Simple yet full of information book.
So here I am, writing this post about the inspiration He gave me when I could be sleeping now. Heh the sentence up there could be useful to me next time, when I am being lazy again. haha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

confusion, questions

It been quite a while, I have been wondering for 2 days how am I really going to 'manage' this blog....--
is the word 'managing' is right?
there are few questions in my mind, such as what I should really write?who that I really want they to read my writing, and the important question is, WHY I should be writing something in here?

You see, writing is not as simple as it seem. They are words, and same as much as talking. When we say about talking, then this one hadith will come into my mind, saying that "Diam itu tanda kebijaksanaan", or another hadith (or Quran verse?I forgot) saying that whatever I said (literally; writing), I will be questioned about it on the later day, every piece of word I had said or wrote. That mean the less we talked, the less we will be asked right?
And the "Diam itu tanda kebijaksaan", its plain simple, dont we ever realise that the more things we said, the more probability that we will show our inside, because words, or mouth, is a window to our mind. People will know how and what we think. Is that good or bad? I dont know.

Honestly, myself is not really someone who talked much. NO I mean I am the one who liked to listened what others said. Is it a gift or an advantage? I dont know, because sometimes I feel dull when my friends been talking a lot of thing to each while I just sit there listen and just interrupt once in a while. Tunggul HA HA =D. Did I really mean to keep quite? No, I just listen is because I dont have anything to say actually.

All those questions up there had been part of the reasons of why my previous blogs had failed. I just dont want this to be fail too. Meaning, eMptY.

Still, despite all these things, I still want to write. I want to write about my opinions, my view of certain things, what do I think, and what do I know that make me think like that. I am not saying all I am going to say is right, I expect a response, for someone to tell me "You are wrong! Dont you know that bla3". That, then, will be a discussion.
You tell me what you think, I tell mine. Nobody is wright nor wrong, they are opinions. In the end it be up to each of us to follow which statement.
The question is, is there will be anyone who want response? Or I end up clapping one hand. Tepuk sebelah tangan haha.

However, its not that I will be writing about opinions all the time. It will sometime(?) be quite personal, such as birthday wish to my dear parents, siblings and friends, or an experience etc.

Like I said earlier, writing is dangerous. I may harm others feeling or most, His feeling. Or it may be otherwise. This is a tool, it up to me how I will use it.

God, please, let me use it correctly.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Entry

Oke, blog, again. I dont know whether this time will work out or not haha. Had two blogs before, the 1st was in Friendster, and the 2nd in Livejournal.

It failed repeatedly for a few reasons. Well honestly I am never good in writing, and speaking. Dont know whats wrong with my mind, I am bad in arranging words even thought I have lot of things in my mind to say/write.
The 2nd reason why it failed, I was too determined to write my posts in English that in the end I failed to write anything -.-', because wasting too much time to think of the right words, that when I know the word I forgot what I am trying to write, ha ha.....
What with English? I thought that I should train myself using the language, since I'm not really good in it. Plus, most of my early friends I met who have blog are using english in their page, that it automatically being set in my mind, blog = english. Isnt internet is about being global? haha oke joking2, that is what I thought before. I thought wrong

Hurm this is the first entry, going to make this blog as a record of what I have in my minds, about this and that, and maybe I will try not to make it too personal. Like what one my friend quote in her blog, "to express, not to impress" =), pinjam sat

Oh yeah, I dont think Im going to write totally in English, looking what had happened in previous attempts. Maybe it will be mixed, depends on my mood.(erk I got the feeling it will be all Malays...ah so what)
yes, just to remind myself, this blog will be the place for me to write what He has inspired me, since human is forgetful, so I want to write it before I lost it in my mind.

Then good luck to me, this will a starting for something, I hope.
I should start this with ummu-kitab, AlFatihah~