Wednesday, June 23, 2010

reunion 514

heck this post is kinda late, it already 3 days since I got back from my class reu, which is Monday. I have been looking the mood to write.

So I had a reu last sunday and monday. It was superb, meeting the old classmates of 2 years, thought not most of them could make it. 7 boys and 5 girls, out of 24 total. Credit should be given to Izzati for being the mastermind of the plan, since she's the one doing all the works calling everyone, asking the right date etc.....done quite a big role.
Well every plan has a initiater, and this one is her.

Meeting the old friends somehow pull the old me out of myself. Haha. Oke honestly I am not who I am 2 years ago. I learned a lot of new things after the school life, and decide to change.
Who the old me?

Me who used to curse as daily words, show the hand and say harsh words without even feeling guilty, mengumpat and etc
Haha these things might seems as simple things for a lot of us, as I used to think too. "Acceptable". They are not that 'bad', and common thing that a lot of us did.
But a lot of us does not realize, these things are still wrong.

"Kecelakaan bagi pengumpat dan pencela...." (104: 1)

Tell enough right?
Anyway it was a great meeting. Talked about the old times, had fun at the port dickson beach, played 'beach soccer' with a flated (kempis?) ball, blamed to zac hahaha, banana boat ride, walkabout around the town, and a late-but-free dinner sponsored by nazhif.

Then we went to Jasin on the next day to take our spm certificate and met our teachers at the same time. That sure bring a lot of memory too, walking through the place we had lived for 2 years. And the small town jasin! haha

Again, remembering back all those things, I realise how much different I was. A nobody without clear aim of life. A bad-tempered guy who easily got pissed. A lazy student who slept in class all time especially during bm and agama lessons, that the teachers remembered me for that =D haha.
Oke I got reasons about this 'sleeping' things but Im not going to write it here. Still I owe a lot of apologies to my dear teachers.

Still, its a great thing to see that every one of us is going to be "somebody". insyAllah.
asyur, nazhif, che, hasif; engineer. hifni & tqa; doc. zac, ekin: dentist. zati: errr ape name, quantity surveyier?. pdah: pengedar dadah wahahaha, oke2, pharmacist x silap. mai: cekgu.
Tak termasuk lg others who could not attend the trip.
Sape x gembira kalau tgok mmber berjaya an?? =)

Each of us are on our own path, going to different directions, but we are a bunch of people from the same class. And the class stored 1001 stories of laughs and tears. 414 / 514.
God-willing, we will meet again in our life.