Wednesday, June 16, 2010


its wednesday morning, got nothing to do
the home is empty, my mother and my sister just leave to kl to take my brother at klia tonite, he is back from egypt, and my father is having class somewhere......

lying lazily on a couch in front of television, its raining outside, the temperature is cold, strengthen my tendency to sleep even though I slept early last nite, 11
I was being very lazy hahaha, I thought its going to be another wasted precious morning without doing anything beneficial, sleep all through it.
Oh you know how hard it is right to forced ourself to do something in that situation....

sUddEnlY, I dont know where its come from, these words came into my mind;

"kat akhirat nnt, ak akan duduk samade kat neraka selama-lamanye atau kat syurga selame-lamenye"..........-.-

my eyes opened widely, somehow an unknown strength came, got up, washed my mouth, closed the tv, fan bla2 and went up to my room, looking to do something
so I end up reading a book, "Tariq: Menang ataupun Syahid" written by Abdul Latip Talib. Simple yet full of information book.
So here I am, writing this post about the inspiration He gave me when I could be sleeping now. Heh the sentence up there could be useful to me next time, when I am being lazy again. haha

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