Tuesday, June 15, 2010

confusion, questions

It been quite a while, I have been wondering for 2 days how am I really going to 'manage' this blog....--
is the word 'managing' is right?
there are few questions in my mind, such as what I should really write?who that I really want they to read my writing, and the important question is, WHY I should be writing something in here?

You see, writing is not as simple as it seem. They are words, and same as much as talking. When we say about talking, then this one hadith will come into my mind, saying that "Diam itu tanda kebijaksanaan", or another hadith (or Quran verse?I forgot) saying that whatever I said (literally; writing), I will be questioned about it on the later day, every piece of word I had said or wrote. That mean the less we talked, the less we will be asked right?
And the "Diam itu tanda kebijaksaan", its plain simple, dont we ever realise that the more things we said, the more probability that we will show our inside, because words, or mouth, is a window to our mind. People will know how and what we think. Is that good or bad? I dont know.

Honestly, myself is not really someone who talked much. NO I mean I am the one who liked to listened what others said. Is it a gift or an advantage? I dont know, because sometimes I feel dull when my friends been talking a lot of thing to each while I just sit there listen and just interrupt once in a while. Tunggul HA HA =D. Did I really mean to keep quite? No, I just listen is because I dont have anything to say actually.

All those questions up there had been part of the reasons of why my previous blogs had failed. I just dont want this to be fail too. Meaning, eMptY.

Still, despite all these things, I still want to write. I want to write about my opinions, my view of certain things, what do I think, and what do I know that make me think like that. I am not saying all I am going to say is right, I expect a response, for someone to tell me "You are wrong! Dont you know that bla3". That, then, will be a discussion.
You tell me what you think, I tell mine. Nobody is wright nor wrong, they are opinions. In the end it be up to each of us to follow which statement.
The question is, is there will be anyone who want response? Or I end up clapping one hand. Tepuk sebelah tangan haha.

However, its not that I will be writing about opinions all the time. It will sometime(?) be quite personal, such as birthday wish to my dear parents, siblings and friends, or an experience etc.

Like I said earlier, writing is dangerous. I may harm others feeling or most, His feeling. Or it may be otherwise. This is a tool, it up to me how I will use it.

God, please, let me use it correctly.


  1. pe mksd a drop of the ocean water

  2. assalamualaikum,

    takde masalah pun nak buat blog sbb ia mcm jurnal,yg mana kita lakarkan pengalaman dan pandangan kita dlm bentuk tulisan..of course there are some ethics when it comes to blogging and if we follow them thoroughly and carefully,i'm sure there will be no harm..

    klu kita tgk para cendikiawan xkira la zaman skang atau dulu;mrk guna penulisan sbg medium utk menumpahkan dan membentuk idea mrk.without their journals or books,i'm sure we might still living in a dark age..hidup mcm katak bwh tempurung..jd hrp2 nye biarlah blog kita boleh jd mcm tu..kalau bkn dlm bidang2 ilmiah yg spesifik mcm biologi,kimia,kejuruteraan dan sebagainya,tetapi pengalaman yang dilihat dr kaca mata kita dpt disampaikan kpd dunia...

    Kesimpulannya,gunakan blog ini sbg suatu peluang utk berkongsi dgn org lain..