Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Entry

Oke, blog, again. I dont know whether this time will work out or not haha. Had two blogs before, the 1st was in Friendster, and the 2nd in Livejournal.

It failed repeatedly for a few reasons. Well honestly I am never good in writing, and speaking. Dont know whats wrong with my mind, I am bad in arranging words even thought I have lot of things in my mind to say/write.
The 2nd reason why it failed, I was too determined to write my posts in English that in the end I failed to write anything -.-', because wasting too much time to think of the right words, that when I know the word I forgot what I am trying to write, ha ha.....
What with English? I thought that I should train myself using the language, since I'm not really good in it. Plus, most of my early friends I met who have blog are using english in their page, that it automatically being set in my mind, blog = english. Isnt internet is about being global? haha oke joking2, that is what I thought before. I thought wrong

Hurm this is the first entry, going to make this blog as a record of what I have in my minds, about this and that, and maybe I will try not to make it too personal. Like what one my friend quote in her blog, "to express, not to impress" =), pinjam sat

Oh yeah, I dont think Im going to write totally in English, looking what had happened in previous attempts. Maybe it will be mixed, depends on my mood.(erk I got the feeling it will be all Malays...ah so what)
yes, just to remind myself, this blog will be the place for me to write what He has inspired me, since human is forgetful, so I want to write it before I lost it in my mind.

Then good luck to me, this will a starting for something, I hope.
I should start this with ummu-kitab, AlFatihah~


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  2. takde nye ak nak jeles der.. ko tiru idea ak amek gamba haha

  3. ehem ehem ehem. express taw. jangan impress. hahaha. LOL. welcome to clogging life~ hahaha. aku cnfirm kejap je kau layan belog2 ni. ahhax. :P

  4. asilah: erk hahahaha, mande de =D
    jaja: haha InsyAllah x, ak cube pastikan x mati, lagpon ak memang ade bnyak bnde nak tulis, bkan tlis ske2, ade matlamat wahahaha