Sunday, June 27, 2010

corpse's car (keta mayat?)

there's a another specific word for the tittle below right?too lazy to think the word haha.
Anyway I found this blog last thursday, the day before I went back to this college now. It attracted me that I didnt pack my things on that nite and I sleep quite late. Errr actually I try to make sleep early as a habit. Try to follow Quran stating that "bukankah kami menjadikan malam itu sebagai selmut..", forgot which verse etc, plus being lazy again to google search. =D

The blog is interesting because it is full of information I never knew before. I think it because the blogger is a 'tabligh', he must had quite knowledge in his mind. Still there are few posts that rated 18-sx, but the posts are still useful to us....

Filling my time advertising this.
p/s: aaaah I know there are broken grammar here and there in this post and a little bit 'skema', as stated below again and again, too lazy to think properly =D.

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