Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keeping The Written Thoughts.

Hi. Hihi.


Allow me to fill the emptiness of this blog with few writings I wrote in the past 3 months. I had always reminded myself to copy-paste them here but forgotten when the free time came.

This one is the thoughts I tweeted last two Sundays before. That time, I just gone through quite hectic days, regarding SMSA works and welcoming new juniors ( I am currently the Welfare and Career Officer). Then, that night I was just relaxing in my room. The thoughts came as I was about to go to sleep. It nothing much actually, but I thought it just might worth to keep it recorded here.

What lies we always wear, trying to fool our own heart.
Just random thoughts flew through the mind, for all the events past by.
Good night to the world, let all the complexity gone cold.
From deaths to friends, and promises we pledge.
And I am just His servant who isn't perfect.
I only pray I can be the better guy tomorrow, for the journey still lie before.
Forgive me my friends, and to the Lord is my only hope.
Truly, this is the Good Night. =)

Tweets from William Street, Sheffield.
21st October 2012.

This one is much much older. Written, or technically tweeted (again), when I was waiting for my brother to pick me up as I just pulled out from a program in UPM. I was supposed to be in the program for a month but for a few circumstances I didn't get my chance to go on with it. It was quite a loss that I couldn't finish it. Anyway, these tweets are in Malays. I decided to keep them here because it is the tragic reality of our world. More, I realised it didn't just happened in our country, but repeated all over the globe and throughout history. Let me present to you,

Kebenaran Yang Tercemar

Hak dan batil bersulam-sulam. 
Yang hak disulamkan kebatilan, dan yang batil disulamkan dengan hak. 
Dunia akhir zaman penuh fitnah durjana.
Dusta noda bersedia memperdaya mereka yang buta.
Kerana mata si buta seorang si penglipur lara.
Hanya kerana si penunjuk jalan penuh dengan kusta.
Dan si pendusta memakai sutera.
Maka tertipulah sekalian manusia...

Tweets dari UPM, Bangi.
7 July 2012

With that, I thank you.



Ouh yeah, I went to Australia last month (September 2012). It was really nice seeing and hanging out with the old friends again, honestly.
The bald head was because I just got back from Umrah haha.

My Umrah trip. Here are two couples who were dating in front of the Holy Kabah.
Sweet tak? lol.
Thanks God for the sustenance You give me. Please allow me to visit Your house again.

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