Saturday, January 15, 2011

things unwritten

I want to write, but I just could not find the time.... -.-

Its been 3 weeks now. First, I went to a teambuilding camp in Pahang for a week, there I missed my new year post ( lol macam occasion lak) because I was celebrating the new year in a jungle.
Then straight back to college, had to do few things.
I am involved in a "Seminar Perbandingan Agama" by brother Shah Kirit and the gang which is going to be held here (my beloved college) next week, insyAllah. The hard part is, we are inviting participants from outside.
And last weekend, I went back home. When I am staying in my house for a day, thats mean I dont really have time for blogging, minus all the time taken for the journey went and back, 'doing some house chores', time for parents and siblings, etc etc.
Then tomorrow (today) going to help in some sort of 'teambuilding' activity. The preparations had took quite some of my time too.

hurmmm I have a lot of things running in my mind of what to say. I guess He just does want me to write anything yet.
InsyAllah, God willing, He will allow me to write smoothly when the time come. =)

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