Saturday, September 18, 2010


I am lost. Got to admit.

Friend, thanks for giving me a headache. Dont worry, I still love you, as a friend. Dont hate me.

Friends, I want to say I love you, each one of you. That the whole reason for what I had done. The posts. I hate it too see any one of you got 'lost'. I felt miserable when I see one. I just dont know how to help. Especially when I got to meet some of you guys in this break.

I have been looking for the answer through this whole raya break. And I still do not have the answer. Thats going to explain about my lack of post. Its not about "what", it the "how" question I have been looking.

God, I know You have the reason for what is happening.


  1. hahaha.... lost in da jungle~? kakakah..... sweetnye ko nk ckp i love u~ nak gak rrr~ i love u fren!!!! :D