Saturday, September 11, 2010

hApPy EiD ~

So I would like to say Happy Eid to everyone I know and asking for forgiveness for all faults and wrongdoings I had done. pEacE~ =D

Anyway this year I did not send any sms wishing happy eid except replying those who had wished me. Err I have my reasons. Oke2 fine one of the reason is that I am too lazy.
The 'good' reason is that I think I dont want to be biased among my frens and if I am to start sending sms wishing happy eid, I am going to send to too many people since everyone of my friend should be wished to be fair(kan?). So I just post a wish and asking forgiveness at the fb, and here I guess.

oh and because of that I felt a little guilty for not sms-ing anyone, I start to check the wall of fb and replying those who had posted their happy eid .......-.-''

mcam poyo lak tulis camni.....
Haaa I just explain so that none of my friends going to be 'terase'. Sape yang tak bagus ah.

Selamat merapatkan silaturahim!


  1. peMALAS !!!
    kedeKOT !!!
    minx DUIT raye !!!

  2. nak duet raya silalah datang rumah yee wahahahhaa

  3. bnyak laa postkan, mazhab mane ajar ni hahaha, klu camtu postkan kat ak dlu, nnt ak blas =D