Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nothing particular in this one.

Ehem. Assalamualaikum. =)

How are you? Missing me already? lol, just kidding. I doubt it anyway, because nevertheless my absentee in here, I am quite active in my facebook and twitter. Plus, is there really a loyal reader out there? erk, haha.

However, please forgive me for the no-post last month. I've been occupied with the end of the year exam studies and preparations. If any of you reader notice, I tried to do at least one post a month, and seems I just failed myself on that target. Haihh, my apology. I know that to reward any loyal reader of this blog, I should be diligent in updating it.

Right now, I already back to my beloved country, Malaysia. =D

To think about it, nearly a year have past since I furthered my study overseas to University of Sheffield. Even as I am writing this, a part inside of me still have the feeling 'excited' and 'not believing' that I already there. Honestly, when I was small, I thought it just a very vague dream that look like impossible for me to achieve it. I remember clearly in my mind, I had this dream since I saw my eldest sister went to Cork, Ireland to do her medic. I was only in my lower form grade, and I wasn't a really bright student either. Instead, I am one of the hardworking people out there.

Why am I saying that? Because if you are to check my examination records, I am not of the top students in the monthly or annually exam every year in my schools. Instead, they were always up and down, which show the time when I get studious, and not.

All and all, I still recall clearly in me that I have been asking to Him to allow me to study to England since I had that ambition (the moment I had a sister who went there), despite my 'incapability' or the not-promising records back then. I believe if I am to able to go to England, it all depends on Him. When He wills a thing, is only to say to it: Be! and it is! (Kun Fayakun). Hence, I don't think I deserve to be proud of myself. It is not because I am smart or what, instead all my happiness and gratefulness should be given to Him, the All Powerful and The Best Planner. Alhamdulillah~

Enough of my rambling, I have a few ideas and things in my mind that I have wanted to write, but seems doesn't come out here properly. I will try to write them here later, insyaAllah.

Please pray for me for my exam result, and I get to write the ideas here smoothly. Farewell, until we meet again.


During the exam preparation, proof I really was studying last month lol.
Location: Information Common, University of Sheffield's biggest library, a 6 stories building.