Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Bitter Truth

Today yet again, I met the bitter truth.
And one could ask, "How do you know it's true?"
I could only say, "Well, it is true."
Because it is not hard to see it through.
Thought the pain its do is pretty too.

For bitter truth is not for those who wait,
Nor it isn't for one who enjoys being fed,
Or who has such proud in their heart,
And again, nor one who is blended in hatred.

Because bitter truth is only for those who seek,
The one who dares to question his own food,
Finding the real reason behind every root,
Which then should he be able to swallow the bitter, yet the truth.

O bitter truth, how much pain you still want to do?
Or I could choose to be a fool,
Not doing what I should really do,
Letting it grow, like a cancer it grew,
But one day, we will fall into the irrefutable hole.

My friends, have you found your bitter truth?
Or you rather chose to be a tool?
Of others, who only told you a half of truth.
Which you thought it is the whole food.

-Muhammad Haris Hamzah-
16 March 2012, University Of Sheffield
source: Anuar's

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