Saturday, February 11, 2012

Melihat ke negara sebelah...

Untunglaa lahir kat Malaysia, seriously =)

Ungrateful people, they will see all the bad things, complain and moaning about them all the time.

Being grateful is about seeing what we have in our hand what others don't have, AND try to improve ourselves instead of putting the blames on others.

Ya Allah, I can't be less grateful to You that I was born in Malaysia!

Video: The toughest place to be a Bin Man


  1. Tertarik saya dengan kata-kata berikut;

    "Kita mencari kefakiran, namun kita didatangi kekayaan; dan banyak orang yang mencari kekayaan, namun didatangi kefakiran” - Ibrahim Adham.

    Sama-sama mengenal erti syukur...
    Hamdallah 'ala kulli hal! =)