Friday, December 10, 2010


It is said, the movement start back from India, when a maulana (I forgot his name) was very sad with the condition of the ummah, weak and bullied. So he checked back what had make the ummah into that situation. After a thorough study, he realised what the ummah had forgot.

At his time, he realised no one was doing the amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar anymore. It had stopped totally. Everyone was soo absorbed with dunya that they leave the important thing. SO HE DECIDED, HE IS GOING TO START IT BACK.

He went from one house to another, calling them for jamaah prayer every time and then. He followed what prophet Muhammad had done, which was knocking every door (yes he KNOCKED) at the village and inviting any man in the house to masjid. And he reads Hadis recitation everyday to a lot of people.

Of course, he too faced aggression from a lot people, even from 'religious' people. They said, what bidaah was that. Thats was all because it (the work) had been left for years that no body did it before him of that time. Its something 'new'. After all the critics and cursing, he decided to call all the famous Imam of his time of India to gather. He called them into a room, locked the door and took out a sword. He said to every one in the room, "Tell me, if you think with each one of your knowledge of what I am doing is wrong and deviated, then take this sword and behead me.".

NONE took the sword. They finally admitted that he was doing something in line with what the Prophet and his companions did.

So there how the movement start.

We, here in Malaysia, called them 'tabligh' (I dont know about other countries whether they give them the same name....). I met them at my place when I was 'little' (err if I am not mistaken, I saw them as early as standard six). But the fact is they did not name themselves tabligh. They said what they are doing is dakwah. They dont even have any registered organisation or name. NO they dont. What they do? They call upon every people to join what they are doing. Join to where?

Keluar ke jalan ALLAH.

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