Monday, July 26, 2010

a 20 sen loss

we have a great forward and backline combination, fine to win the t0urnament, but He knows the best...
I can just smile in front of the fate...=)

Just back from rugby inter kpm-km tournament at Sri Iskandar, Perak. Our team, Mara College Seremban got the 3rd position, and there a special story behind that place.

At first, I thought I am not going to play in this tournament, because my parents had asked me to come home for my sister and my birthday (23rd and 25th July). So I dont want to argue with them to make them allow me to play. But last Wednesday, my friends had been asking me to join the team as they were short of players. So I took my courage and asked the permission from my parents (my mother specifically), and after a long argument, I got my permission. wahahhaha

Well this game is one of my last tournament I played, if God willing I get my chance to further my studies overseas. I am not thinking to play rugby at other's country. So its mean this tournament is quite a 'special' one, for me.

We had friendly matches on Thursday, and we lost both. Then we went to Sri Iskandar on Friday, with a thought in myself referring to last matches before, "We are not going to win anything, I am just going to play for fun".

BUT it turned out, our team got the best combination a rugby team could have. We have a forward team consists of 3 big guys strong enough to make a hard 'hit' frontal aggression, and quick backlines that can throw the ball as fast as they could to the last man (winger) to make a critical flank attack.

During the first round, our team team win trice, draw and lose once. We draw with the defending champion, KMB and lose 'intentionally" to prevent any serious injuries to IKM Lumut because during that game, our position in the grouping was safe enough to go to next death-match round.

And there the fate had written. We draw 0-0 with KPM Beranang in semi-final, and the penalties kick end with draw to. So we toss a coin to decide......and we lose. --
So thats how we end up 3rd place

Funny, at first I dont really mind, and I just smile after the coin had been tossed. But somehow I felt really sad during the closing ceremony, when both KPM Beranang and KMB went up to stage to pick their medals, and I was looking at them from below. KPMB lose 3 tries (if I am not mistaken) to KMB in the final match. There was a mixed feeling of envy, regret and sad.

What make a little bit emotional at that time because its going to be the last rugby tournament for me. I really love and enjoys playing rugby, and those enjoyment is going to end, and it end up like this. I guess the medal and place does not really matter, but what important most is I had done my best in this my last tournament. A coin-tossed loss, my friends said, "Kita kalah ngan harga 20 sen je".

So thats the end of my rugby history, I guess. I am not a 'skilled rugby player' who people will miss when I stop playing, but I am going to miss all the fun, pain, excitement and the great feeling playing the game. After all, its just an attraction of 'dunia' right? There is nothing to loss, and I not planning to chase the game again if it require an 'unreasonable' effort after my study life.

p/s: this is really the best team I had played with, the players and the manager (botak), thought he a little bit 'useless', but he was the one who make the team 'live' (?)


  1. takde rezeki kut..

    cube KALO AK JOIN main sekali, mesti bertuah gler team korang, silap silap bole menang ;DD

  2. ye ke??ak rase klu ko join skali silap2 grouping pon dapat tempat last wahahhaha =D

  3. pehh terguris seyh

    cmtu lupekan pasal tshirt mesir ko uh ;pp